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PKWA Family Law offers affordable online divorce services if your divorce is uncontested, agreed and mutual from the start.  You save on trips to our office, and the process is done quicker.

Our online fees for an uncontested divorce start from only $900 all in. The process is quick, simple and easy to understand.

The Simple 4-Step Process

  1. Check eligibility – Answer the questions below to determine if you are eligible for an online divorce.
  2. Pass information – Fill up a form in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Book appointment – Book an appointment with us.
  4. Get court orders – File and receive Court Orders at your mailing address.

Determine Your Eligibility Now

Please answer the following questions to determine if you are eligible for our online divorce.

Question #1: Are there any assets to be divided?

Question #2: Do you and your spouse own any property?

Question #3: Do you and your spouse have any children below 21 years old?

Question #4: Are you or your spouse a Singaporean OR Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) / Foreigner who has continuously resided in Singapore for at least 3 years?

Question #5: Have you been married for at least 3 years?

Question #6: Is your marriage under Syariah law?

Question #7: Are you or your spouse a bankrupt?

Question #8: Are both you and your spouse agreeable and cooperative to the divorce and terms?

Question #9: Does any party wish to claim maintenance over the other?


Have a Question?

At PKWA LAW, we provide a free consultation for you to know your options.   Contact us today at +65 6854-5336 or email us.



PKWA Divorce Lawyers

At PKWA Law, our team of  Singapore Divorce Lawyer specialists are consistently named as leading Singapore divorce lawyers by respected independent legal publications such as Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, Global Law Experts and Doyle’s Guide to Singapore Family Lawyers.  Each and every one of our divorce lawyer is a divorce specialist who will advise you whether you qualify for an Uncontested Divorce Singapore.



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