Jessica Chow

Jessica Chow

Associate Director

Jessica Chow is a specialist divorce lawyer and is an Associate Director at PKWA Law.

Jessica Chow was named one of “Singapore’s Rising Stars 2023” by Asian Legal Business in its annual ranking of emerging legal talent in Singapore.  She is recognised for having “demonstrated exceptional potential and received praise from her clients.”  She is described as “a highly sought-after lawyer” who “de-escalates tensions and guides clients toward amicable solutions."

She is well-regarded by her clients for her compassionate and strategic approach to handling divorce cases, particularly those involving HDB rules and regulations for divorcing couples with HDB properties.

With many years of successfully negotiating fair divorce settlements, Jessica has earned a reputation as a leading and much sought-after family and divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Jessica specialises in both contested and uncontested divorces.  She handles various family and divorce issues, including issues involving children's custody, division of matrimonial assets, maintenance, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and deed of separation.

If you are seeking a divorce lawyer who combines legal expertise with empathy, compassion, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for you, reach out to Jessica today for professional guidance on your family law matters.

Specialist Mediator and Negotiator

Years of experience have honed Jessica's skills as a mediator and negotiator. Her calm and rational approach to divorce cases enables her to de-escalate tensions and guide her clients toward settlement agreements that prioritize their best interests. If you seek a divorce lawyer who can avoid the costly and time-consuming process of litigation, Jessica Chow is the lawyer for you.

Accredited Mediator and Collaborative Family Practitioner

Jessica holds the following appointments:

  • Singapore Mediation Centre Accredited Mediator
  • Singapore Mediation Centre Accredited Collaborative Family Practitioner (CFP)
  • Appointed to Singapore Mediation Centre’s Panel of Collaborative Family Practitioners (CFP
  • Associate Mediator of the Law Society Mediation Scheme Panel of Mediators

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Client testimonials


Dianne Miranda

I must say that PKWA Law provided a very satisfactory service. The entire team was extremely professional and accommodating. Everything was straightforward and done in a timely manner. Special mention to Ms Jessica Chow, Ms Corinne Wee and the team for exceptional service. I will definitely recommend PKWA Law to my family and friends.

Madam G

I am extremely grateful to you and your lawyers Jessica Chow for your help. Thank you for all your efforts to help my children and me get justice and the outcome we deserve.

Marcus Liew

The firm provided a very good service for my family. Although we contacted them last minute and they had no appointment slot on the next working day, the staff still squeezed out a slot for us at my request. We were advised by Jessica during the session. She was very professional and knowledgeable and answered all our queries very satisfactorily. My family would like to express our sincere appreciation to Jessica. Thank you.

Mr S

So thank you both for all that you had done; it was more than just a divorce. You helped my wife and me find a resolution, peace, confidence, happiness, and even friendship. These are things that money cannot buy, and the future looks so much brighter.

Brenda Chan

PKWA has been very professional and prompt in their service, and I want to specially commend Ms Jessica Chow and Ms Corinne Wee.

Richard Lim

I am a housing agent with Propnex Realty Pte Ltd. I want to compliment Ms Jessica Chow from PKWA Law. She was firm and steady in handling the divorce case involving my client. We would like to see more of this type of lawyer assisting in divorce cases. Thumps Up.

Segaran Ramalingam

I was in a difficult phase in my life. Jessica, Corinne and the team assured me there was a way out. I am very glad that the situation is over now. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all your hard work put in and taking your time to explain to me how the process works. I would definitely recommend PKWA.

Joyce Poon

PKWA Law delivered updates and guided us through the process clearly. The team was professional and knowledgeable. It was straightforward, and they managed our expectations of the case well. A special note of thanks to Ms Jessica Chow, Ms Corinne Wee, Mr Low Jin Liang, Ms Yeow Ing Yee, Ms Helen Hui and the team for exceptional service. Highly recommend PKWA Law to my family and friends.

Siew Yin

During the past 6 months of this CB period, I went through lots of stress and fear for my case. Fwah Mingli listened and guided me with patience and sympathy, with help from Jessica Chow and Ms Corinne. Although they are very busy most of the time, but always responded my enquiry promptly. Today it’s finally over. I feel relief and look forward to a new life. Thank you PKWA!

Fara Awlya

Corrine, Jessica and all of their team members were very helpful in giving me every single detailed information and service I need. It was always fast, responsive and professional. I never imagined I would have such an easy process at first and so glad I got it from the PKWA Family Law team. Thank you!

MF Tan

Thank you very much for all of you, especially Mr Low, Ms Ing Yee and Jason Mak, for your assistance and support throughout the entire legal proceeding. I am very appreciative of your professional advice and guidance on all the decision making. You and your team have done well in fighting for me professionally. I am very happy with the result and the legal fee paid is worth it.

Doreen T

I would like to thank our Lawyer, Ms Jessica Chow and Legal Manager, Ms Corinne Wee for their assistance in my parents’ divorce. Their advice to go for uncontested divorce settlement is greatly appreciated as we are also concerned on the legal fees if to proceed for contested divorce. Whole process is considered speedy and prompt updates were given too.Once again, on behalf of my mom, we would like to thank Ms Jessica Chow and Ms Corrine Wee for their valued advice and arrangement, thanks!


I would like to thank Ms. Jessica Chow and Mr Jason Mak for their professional advice and services. I would definitely turn to them in future for legal advice.

Yan Lim

1st meeting was with Ms Jessica Chow. Decided to settle with PKWA Law after going to several law firms to check with my uncontested but complicated divorce case. PKWA Law was very assuring and confident in my case. Especially thankful to Ms Corinne for assisting me throughout my case and everything was a breeze. Case got settled within a year and got my Final Judgement promptly. Ms Corinne is very professional and friendly as well. Highly recommended!

Winnie Tan

Engaged Ms. Jessica Chow for my uncontested divorce and I would like to comment her assistant, Jason, for being efficient in a swift manner. Thank you both for helping me to complete this tough period, it means alot to me.

AH Neo

I would like to express my appreciation to Jessica and Jason for their good service and efficiency. The whole process was smooth and hassle free. They were also responsive to my queries and prompt in their follow ups. Highly recommended to engage them.

Winston Tan

The free consultation went smooth and proceeded to engage the firm to handle my divorce. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service provided by the team (Jessica/Corrine) whom have handled my professionally.

Adrian Lek

PKWA’s Jessica and Corinne are pleasant to work with, professional and reliable. My case was smooth and successful. Thumbs up!

Shan Dy

I’ve engaged PKWA services twice. And I must say I am really impressed by Jessica and Corrine for their professionalisms and efficiency. They provided good advice and get things done very fast. Highly recommended!

Lum Kok Siong

Ms Jessica Chow and Jason were very responsive to my queries and were able to give me sound advice on my matters. Overall, the process was seamless and efficient.

Chris G

It was a blessing that I spoke with family and divorce lawyer specialist - Ms Jessica Chow and worked with senior legal executive - Mr Jason Mak. They were both extremely kind and understanding to me and made everything so smooth from the start to the finish. My divorce was finalized and completed officially in early 2020. I am so thankful to them. If you are reading my review, you may be going through a divorce as well and are looking for good representation. I cannot recommend PKWA Law Practice enough.

Siew Yin

During the past 6 months of this Circuit Breaker period, I went thru lot of stress and fear for my case. PKWA Law listened and guided me with patience and sympathy, with help from Ms Jessica and Ms Corinne , although they are very busy most of the time, but always responded my enquiry promptly, Today it's finally over. I feel release and look forward for a new life. Thank you PKWA!

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