PKWA family lawyers win $6.3 million for homemaker wife in Appellate Division of High Court after 6 year divorce battle

Family lawyers from PKWA Law have successfully won over $6 million of matrimonial assets for a homemaker wife in a hotly contested divorce case that lasted 6 years. The parties were married for 20 years, but were separated for 10 years. A substantial sum of assets were accumulated by the husband during the 10 years’ of separation.  The ex-husband had wanted to exclude those assets from the matrimonial pool for division.

The ex-wife was represented by PKWA Law’s Dorothy Tan and Charlene Nah. The ex-husband was represented by a 6 member lawyer team including a Senior Counsel.

In the long-drawn divorce case which commenced in 2018 and went on appeal to the Appellate Division of the High Court in 2024, the ex-husband sought to fully exclude companies’ shares that were accumulated during parties’ 10-year separation that were worth over $12 million. In other words, if the assets accumulated by the ex-husband during the 10 years of separation had been excluded from the matrimonial pool, our client would not have been awarded any of those assets.

PKWA Law’s Dorothy Tan and Charlene Nah argued that all assets existing at the date of the divorce, i.e. the Interim Judgment date, including the companies’ shares, must be included into the matrimonial pool, because both parties’ contributions continued as per status quo during the marriage notwithstanding the separation. The ex-husband continued to contribute financially while the ex-wife continued to take care of the family’s domestic sphere, and there was thus still some semblance of marriage.

In agreeing that the companies’ shares acquired during parties’ separation are to be included into the matrimonial pool for division, the 3 judges of the Appellate Division noted that, “To take the position that a marriage lasts only until separation such that assets acquired after separation are not matrimonial assets imports “unnecessary complications in the particular cases that the courts might have to deal with in future”.

Our client was in a 20-year marriage with a now-adult child, where parties were separated for 10 years.

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