Charlene Nah

Charlene Nah

Associate Director

Charlene Nah is an Associate Director at PKWA Law, specialising in family law, including divorce and probate.

Recognised Excellence

Charlene has been recognized as a Family Law Rising Star by Doyle’s Guide in 2022, 2023, and 2024. In 2023, she was also named one of “Singapore’s Rising Stars” by Asian Legal Business, an accolade given to lawyers who have demonstrated exceptional talent and received praise from clients.

Notable Cases and Achievements

Charlene was the lead lawyer in a high-profile case extensively reported by The Straits Times (“Man went all out to hide over $3m from the ex-wife.”. In this case, she successfully represented an ex-wife in recovering over $3 million hidden by her ex-husband.

In another significant case, Charlene was part of a team that went up against a Senior Counsel and won more than $6 million for our homemaker client in a case that lasted 6 years.

Expertise in Family Law

Charlene has worked exclusively in family law since being called to the Bar. She has received specialist training in Mediation and Collaborative Practice and holds several family law accreditations:

  • Singapore Mediation Centre Accredited Mediator
  • Singapore Mediation Centre Accredited Collaborative Family Practitioner (CFP)
  • Appointed to Singapore Mediation Centre’s Panel of Collaborative Family Practitioners (CFP)

Compassionate and Professional Approach

Charlene is known for her sensitivity to the difficult emotions involved in divorce proceedings. She is both professional and compassionate, striving to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients through a settlement-focused approach. Charlene is passionate about delivering tailored, cost-effective advice and is dedicated to helping clients understand their legal positions so they can make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Family Law Practice

Charlene's practice encompasses a wide range of family law services, including:

  • Divorce, including contested Ancillary Matters hearings, mediations, uncontested divorce;
  • Maintenance summons trials;
  • Annulment;
  • Applications for financial relief;
  • Variation of Court Orders;
  • Division of matrimonial assets;
  • children custody issues;
  • maintenance for spouse and children;
  • High Court Appeals;
  • Wills and Probate;
  • Trust advisory;
  • Succession planning;
  • Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) mediations.

Media and Publications

Charlene has been interviewed by The Straits Times for her insights on family law, reflecting her expertise and thought leadership in the field.

Appointments and Memberships

  • Singapore Mediation Centre Accredited Mediator.
  • Singapore Mediation Centre Accredited Collaborative Family Practitioner (CFP).
  • Appointed to Singapore Mediation Centre’s Panel of Collaborative Family Practitioners (CFP).
  • Associate Mediator of the Law Society Mediation Scheme Panel of Mediator.
  • Appointed by the Chief Justice to the Inquiry Panel of the Law Society of Singapore.

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Charlene Nah's dedication to family law and her compassionate approach make her a trusted advisor for your family law needs. Contact us today to discuss how Charlene and the PKWA Law team can assist you with your legal matters.



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Client testimonials


Louis Goh

I engaged PKWA for my contested divorce both before and after the 3-year mark and had no regrets doing so. Their fees were transparent, which made financial planning a lot easier. I would like to especially thank Ms Charlene Nah and Mr Jason Mak for their extraordinary help during that trying period of time. Despite the circumstances, I felt that Ms Charlene was genuinely trying to help. I would definitely turn to them in future for legal advice.

Serene Tan

My heartfelt thanks to Charlene Nah and Christina Lim for their professionalism in Family Law. Not only are they strong in advice, but they are also empathetic and are always available for my matters. Because of their experience and confidence level, their guidance throughout the difficult months of process, I can rest my case to them and end my final judgement with a reasonable outcome.

Lydia Lim

My family and I are stoked that PKWA Family Law has helped us so much in the matter where MCA is concerned, we struggled with our previous lawyer who was not only sloppy in their work but defensive. A lot of time was wasted while the case was developing. When we switched to PKWA, we were wowed by the efficiency and responsiveness of all legal personnel involved in our matters. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel just within a timeframe of fewer than 2 months. Everything was swift and precise. Thank you, Charlene, Christina for the hard work.

Samantha Lim

Jason Mak and Charlene Nah have both been most patient and professional throughout the entire process. I could totally trust them and had the emotional support I needed to get issues sorted out, especially also going through this difficult COVID/retrenchment period. Thank you, Jason and Charlene, for being there with me, providing me with better options and directions in riding through my divorce proceedings.

Benny Liu

We had engaged PKWA with Ms Charlene Nah and Ms Yeow Ing Yee representing us. Both of them are professional in handling our cases and provided us with invaluable insights. We managed to get a satisfying outcome of our case. Highly recommended for all family law matters.

GuekNgor Lim

I would like to thank lawyer Charlene for her help. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Unlike others, she is very responsive and follow through your case with details and compassion. Thank You.

Vincent Loo

I have engaged PKWA services on a Grant of Probate recently. This is the second time that I have worked with PKWA on legal matters. PKWA staff have been very professional and efficient in handling my legal matters. Special thanks to Christina Lim and Charlene Nah for their follow-up on the matter. They kept me updated regularly on the progress and settled issues expeditiously. PWKA would be my preferred choice if I require assistance in legal matters in future. I would highly recommend their services to those who need assistance in legal matters.

Henry Lee

I am glad that I have made the right decision to engage PKWA in my divorce matters. They have acted fast, efficient and professional in their capacity and PKWA is transparent in the fees too. I would like to thank Miss Christina, Miss Charlene and Mr.Yong for their help in expediting the whole process.

Albert Lee

I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Lim Chong Boon on behalf of the late Mr & Mrs. Chua’s family for offering service to us. And also a big thank you to the team Ms. Charlene Nah, Ms. Christina Lim, Mr. Tan Jack Long and Ms. Alice Wong for their time, professional services and effort. The team is prompt in their response and were very patient in getting the Grant Letters of Administration and the Legal Guardianship for my nephew and niece. The whole process was very smooth without any hiccup and hassle-free. I greatly appreciate having PKWA Law help us through the most difficult times. Thanks once again for your time and patience to handle our cases. We definitely will recommend PKWA Law firm to friends and families.

Jing Lou

Words cannot express my thanks to PKWA and to Ms. Charlene Nah and Mr. Jason Mak for their kind help. My divorce case went through mediation, district court hearing and then appeal hearing. It went on for more than two years and to make the matters even more complicated, I am doing this from overseas. Charlene and Jason are there with me every step of the way, providing their professional service and also some personal touch to make the case easier for me emotionally. They are very experienced with Singapore Family Law and always have my best interest at heart. At the latter part of the district hearing and appeal hearing, I was struggling with legal fees, because the case went on much longer than I expected, due to my ex-husband's stubbornness. Charlene went out of her way to help me cope with the difficulties, even encouraged and helped me to represent myself at appeal court. The outcome is very favorable and there's no way I would be able to accomplish that without Charlene and Jason's kind help. Divorce is unfortunate and difficult in its nature, and you'd need your lawyers to have your best interest at heart at all times to overcome the difficulties. PWKA is such a law firm you can fully trust. I can't thank them enough.

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