Lim Chong Boon

Lim Chong Boon


Lim Chong Boon氏は、PKWA Law の家族法および一般訴訟実務の責任者である。 家族法実務グループを率い、2021年、2022年、2023年、2024年のストレーツ・タイムズ紙でシンガポールにおける家族法のベスト・オブ・ザ・ベストに選出される。 当事務所は毎年ランクされている。シンガポールの一流家族弁護士ガイド(Dolyes Guide to Leading Singapore Family Lawyers)において、2016年、2017年、2018年、2019年、2020年、2021年、2022年、2023年にシンガポールを代表する家族および離婚弁護士として選出。また、2019年、2020年、2021年、2022年にBenchmark Litigation アジア太平洋版の家族法部門で「Litigation Star」に選出。2021年に出版された離婚に関する書籍「Divorce Done Right : A Guide to Family Law in Singapore」の共著者。シンガポールの裁判所において25年以上の経験を有する。彼の取扱分野は、家族法、離婚法、遺言検認、商事訴訟、会社法、建設訴訟、企業債務回収、取締役・株主紛争、雇用法、知的財産権、移民問題、破産、借地借家紛争、不動産紛争など。



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I chanced upon PKWA LAW after I had dried my tears. They seem to know their stuff well. We met about 4 times. Mr Lim and Ms Dorothy took the time to listen and assured me it could be done. We started everything all over again. Within 3 months, I got what that was deemed impossible! Knowing that with the order, I can now proceed to the next step comforts us tremendously. Thank you! Your team made a difference in our lives.

Albert Lee

I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Lim Chong Boon on behalf of the late Mr & Mrs. Chua’s family for offering service to us. And also a big thank you to the team Ms. Charlene Nah, Ms. Christina Lim, Mr. Tan Jack Long and Ms. Alice Wong for their time, professional services and effort. The team is prompt in their response and were very patient in getting the Grant Letters of Administration and the Legal Guardianship for my nephew and niece. The whole process was very smooth without any hiccup and hassle-free. I greatly appreciate having PKWA Law help us through the most difficult times. Thanks once again for your time and patience to handle our cases. We definitely will recommend PKWA Law firm to friends and families.

M Teh

Having the PKWA law family team to handle my personal and family matters really put my mind at ease. Mr Lim and his secretary, Jane, displayed the utmost efficiency and professionalism. I will definitely recommend PKWA to anyone who needs legal assistance. Furthermore, fees were reasonable.

Madam SP

I cannot thank you enough for bringing this case to an expeditious conclusion. I was most struck by your deep empathy and genuine sincerity you showed while at the same time ensuring high standards of professionalism. I am amazed that although you must handle many such cases each day, you still manage to give it a personal touch and that had meant a lot to me. I deeply value the advice you gave me as well as the words of encouragement to keep me going.

Umesh Kumar Verma

I am so glad that I have engaged PKWA services. They have very highly professional team. I got all the right advise from Lim Chong Boon and Low Jin Liang. Low Jin Liang has been very professional and worked very hard and given the right direction and result on my case. Each important step and phase on my case Low Jin Liang has guided me correctly and provided the feedback and with his great experience which helped me to take right calls on right time. I am very thankful to PKWA team on all their support and services.

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