Interview with Lim Chong Boon

28 Sep 2015 – Yuk Lun Chan (Singapore Legal Advice)

Mr Lim Chong Boon is an experienced litigation lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in probate, family and divorce law. A prominent lawyer, he was appointed by the Chief Justice to the Inquiry Panel of the Law Society of Singapore. He was also previously a Council Member of the Law Society of Singapore.

He is one of the first lawyers that we welcomed onto As part of a series to let the public know more about community lawyers, we ask him a few questions to find out more about family law practice.

How did you get into family law?

I have always been interested in family law since my law school days. No two cases are the same. Each case tells a story of love lost or love betrayed. As a divorce lawyer, I really feel that I am helping my clients professionally and personally. I always tell my staff:

“Every client who walks through our door and engages us, we must be honoured. We must be honoured because they are trusting us with their pain and sharing their deepest personal problems. They trust us. Therefore, do your job with great pride and with great empathy.”

What inspires you to continue to be a family lawyer?

I have done a lot of commercial cases before, and the big difference is that in family law, you actually feel that you are doing something that helps society and your clients.

What was the most rewarding experience in your legal career?

Every case is rewarding. As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, it is rewarding to see that you have made a difference in someone’s life. For example, there was a case where the wife and her child were beaten up and abused. We got her the divorce, got her the flat and got a PPO [Personal Protection Order] to stop the husband from committing family violence. It is rewarding to see your client move on and know that their lives will be better.

There are so many divorce lawyers in the market. So why should somebody hire you?

There are many good divorce lawyers in Singapore. I feel privileged because I have a big set up and my team is dedicated, experienced, and talented. We have 2 lawyers and one Legal Executive to every file.

Clients know that they have a team advising them and that they have access to us at any one time. It is easier when you have a great team behind you.

How do you make sure that your fees are affordable since the market is so competitive?

We try very hard to have parties mediate and resolve the case. We also tell our clients in advance what the anticipated legal fees are.

What is your focus when handling divorce cases?

Divorce law in Singapore is not so straightforward. Divorce clients do not want to spend too much time, and they certainly don’t want to be involved in a long-running court battle. Divorce litigation is very draining, both financially and emotionally. So our focus is to try to settle the cases wherever possible.

Do you have a life philosophy that guides your law practice?

Live and let live. Move on, always look at the big picture.

Outside of law, what activities do you engage in?

I do a fair bit of sports. It keeps me mentally sharp.

How has been the experience of running your own law firm?

It is rewarding, and I have great partners and a great team. I always tell my friends and my clients that the staff I have are the best.

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