cost of getting a divorce in singapore


The Cost of Getting a Divorce in Singapore

At PKWA Law, we offer reasonable fee solutions for divorces and other related services.

We do not charge clients on an hourly basis for simple divorce matters.  While some contested divorce matters are done on an hourly rate basis, we offer cap fees for eligible clients.  We understand that a divorce can be an emotional event, and the last thing you should worry about are hidden costs and unexpected legal bills.

According to a recent survey carried out by Singapore Legal Advice, divorce fees in Singapore range from $1,500 to $3,500 for simplified uncontested divorces and $10,000 to $35,000 for contested divorces.


At PKWA Law, our fees for an uncontested divorce are:

$1,200 – No children, no property and no maintenance

$1,900 – With children, property and maintenance

$2,900 – With lawyer negotiation


If your divorce is contested, we offer a free consultation to understand your case and to give you a fee estimate.




When you engage PKWA Family Law

When you instruct PKWA Family Law,  you can be confident that you will be in control of your divorce costs.  Here’s why:

  • We will agree on a fixed fee with you.
  • Once we agree on a fixed fee, you are protected from paying us beyond the fixed fees.
  • You may pay us through a payment plan.
  • We will encourage you to consider alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation to resolve your case.



The Straits Times, together with international market researcher Statista, conducted the first-ever survey to identify Singapore’s best law firms in 15 different areas of legal practice.  We are ranked by the Straits Times as one of Singapore’s Best Law Firms in 5 different areas, including in Family Law.

Our divorce lawyers, probate lawyers and wills lawyers are also consistently ranked as leading family lawyers by respected publications such as the Asian Legal Business, Benchmark Litigation Asia Pacific and Doyles’ Guide.

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Conveniently located at HDB Hub, PKWA Law offers affordable divorce fees.

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