Divorce Rate in Singapore

Divorces and Annulments

Singapore observed 7,674 divorces in 2021 according to official data sources, this was up from 6,708 in 2020, a 14.4% increase. 2020 divorce levels were markedly down vs. the general upward trend because of COVID-19. As safe management measures were gradually eased this has increased the volume of divorce applications and the resumption of divorce proceedings that had been previously adjourned due to COVID-19.

The biggest volume comes via civil divorces with 5,907 in 2021 compared to 1,767 Muslim divorces.

Median Age of Divorcees

The median age of divorces increased in 2021 following a general upward trend over time. For male civil divorces the median age rose to 44.8 years compared to 44 in 2020. For male Muslim divorces it rose from 39.6 in 2020 to 40.4 in 2021.

For female civil divorces the median age rose to 40.7 in 2021 vs. 40.2 in 2020. There was a similar rise in the median age for females divorcing under the Muslim Law Act as this rose to 37.5 vs. 37 in 2020.

Duration Of Marriage

For divorced couples, the median duration of marriage increased from 10.4 years in 2020 to 11.6 years in 2021, this includes both civil and Muslim divorces.

The total rise was largely due to civil marriages, where the median duration rose from 11 years in 2020 to 11.6 years in 2021. Muslim marriages remained flat year-over-year at 8.1 years.

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