5 Reasons to Hire a Good Probate Lawyer

If a loved one has just passed away, it is naturally stressful and difficult to understand what to do about the probate process.

You will need to get a good probate lawyer to help you obtain ‘Grant of Probate’ or “Letters of Administration”. These court orders give you access to the person’s assets and distribute them to the rightful beneficiaries.

Getting a good probate lawyer will make a significant difference to your probate process. A good probate lawyer will ensure that your probate process is smooth, quick and without delays. On the other hand, if the lawyer has no experience in probate, the probate process may be delayed and frustrating.

Here are the top 5 reasons why choosing a specialist probate lawyer in Singapore is important to your probate process.

1.   A good specialist probate lawyer can obtain your probate quickly and efficiently

When a loved one dies, you won’t get access to his assets or his estate – unless you have applied to the court for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. All your loved one’s properties, insurance policies, investments and bank accounts will be frozen. Financial institutions need proof that someone is legally authorised to handle the deceased person’s affairs. This is why you need to get probate.

With the help of a probate lawyer, you can obtain probate quickly and efficiently. This way, you can quickly gain access to the estate, which means that the bills are paid, the debts are cleared, and the distribution of the assets to the rightful beneficiaries can be carried out.

At PKWA Law, we generally complete the probate process within 4 to 6 weeks.

2.   A good probate lawyer can advise you on how to avoid any dispute or conflict

When there are substantial assets that a loved one has left behind, there is always a risk of competing demands and competing interests between family members about the inheritance. This can further intensify without legal assistance.

With a good probate lawyer’s help, there will be greater clarity and transparency in the probate process. There will be less anger and less confusion when a professional probate lawyer is engaged to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

3.   A good probate lawyer can help you to submit the right documents

When you apply for Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration, the Family Justice Court will require proper submission of legal documents. These legal documents can be difficult to understand. You should get a good probate lawyer to help you fill these probate court forms. If the court forms and supporting documents are not filed correctly, the probate court may reject your application. This will result in a delay in obtaining probate, and you cannot get access to the assets to pay bills and distribute them to the beneficiaries.

But if you hire a probate lawyer, you can be sure that the risk of your probate being rejected by the court is significantly reduced.

4.   A good probate lawyer will ensure that there are no delays

Apart from the fact that it is not easy to do probate by yourself, the cost of hiring a good probate lawyer is really cheap. By hiring a good probate lawyer, you can ensure that everything is taken care of and that all the beneficiaries receive their assets in a timely matter.

5.  A good probate lawyer can protect the estate from claims

A probate lawyer can help you protect your estate from claims, especially from people who may seek to lay an unjust claim on an inheritance.

Should you require assistance with any matters relating to probate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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