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What Happen When You are Charged in Court?

When you are charged in Court, the charge set out the offence alleged to be committed by you will be read and explained to you. This will take place at the Criminal Law Mentions Court (Court No. 26 or Court No. 23) located at the State Courts of Singapore, and should occur no longer than 48 hours after your arrest and remand.

The charge should contain details of the date, time, place, names of the victims and/or the property involved in the offence alleged.

After the charge is read and explained to you, you will be asked how you wish to plead to the charge. You can choose to (i) plead guilty (i.e. admit to the charge); or (ii) claim trial (i.e. you do not admit to the charge). It would be best if you didn’t admit to the charge until you have consulted a lawyer.

During the first hearing, it is normal to ask for an adjournment

If you are unable to decide whether to plead guilty or claim trial, or you wish to consult or be represented by a lawyer, you can request for a short adjournment.

When in doubt, always consult a lawyer. You may be required to furnish Court bail during the adjournment. Bail may or may not be granted, depending on the nature of the charge and the circumstances of your case.

Pleading Guilty

If you plead guilty to the charge, you must admit fully to the offence. You must also understand the nature and the consequences of your plea, i.e. you must be aware of the minimum and maximum punishments you face under the charge and be prepared to accept whatever punishment the court may give.

The Prosecuting Officer will read out the Statement of Facts relating to the charge to you. If you disagree with what is stated in the Statement of Facts, you must tell the Court. The Court will ask you whether you disagree with the Statement of Facts totally or in part. If you disagree with the Statement of Facts on important issues, the Court will not accept your plea of guilt and will direct you to claim trial to the charge.

If you agree to the Statement of Facts, the Court will record your plea upon such admission and convict you.

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What We Can Do for You

We can assist you if you are charged with:

  1. Theft.
  2. Drunk Driving.
  3. Causing Hurt.
  4. Shoplifting.
  5. Reckless or Dangerous Driving.
  6. Forgery
  7. Cheating.
  8. Rash Driving.
  9. Criminal Breach of Trust.
  10. Outrage of Modesty.
  11. Immigration Offences.

Upon engaging us, we normally do the following:

  • We will send a Letter of Representation to the Attorney General’s Chambers to have the charge dropped or reduced.
  • If you decide to plead guilty, we will work with you to prepare your mitigation to ask for a lighter sentence.

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