We explain the fees charged by probate lawyers in Singapore to obtain a Grant of Probate or a Letter of Administration.  For assets below $3 million, PKWA probate lawyers charge just $1,200 for a Grant of Probate and $1,500 for Letters of Administration. 

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What is the cost of probate in Singapore?

How much does a probate lawyer cost in Singapore?

If a deceased person has a will, the executor needs to see a probate lawyer to obtain a Grant of Probate.  If there was no will, the next of kin need to apply to the court for Letters of Administration.

Probate lawyers help the executors and family members to “unlock the assets” that belongs to the deceased so that the wealth and assets can be distributed to the rightful beneficiaries.



$1,200 – Grant of Probate

$1,500 – Letters of Administration

(GST & Disbursements not included) .


What are the disbursements and filing fees in the probate court?

SINGAPORE PROBATE LAWYER - grant of probate fees

The disbursements and probate fees charged by the Singapore Family Court are payable by you, no matter which probate lawyer you use.

As at 2018, the probate court fees range from about $300 to about $600.

For assets below $5 million, the probate filing fees and disbursements are as follows:


Court Filing Fees for Grant of Probate

  1. Administration Oath – $15.60
  2. Certified True Copy of Will – $16.40
  3. Death Certificate – $4.80
  4. Ex-parte Originating Summons – $89.60
  5. Statement – $5.60
  6. Oath Fees- $65.00
  7. Probate Searches -$50.00
  8. Schedule of Assets – $5.60
  9. Supporting Affidavit for Application for Grant – $14.40
  10. Request for Extraction of Grant – $42.20

Total: S$309.20 (approximate)


Court Filing Fees for Letters of Administration

  1. Probate Search – $50.00
  2. Oath Fees – $240.00
  3. Statement – $5.60
  4. Ex-parte Originating Summons –  $87.20
  5. Death Certificate –  $4.80
  6. Consent of Co-Administrator – $31.20
  7. Schedule of Assets – $5.60
  8. Supporting Affidavit – $12.80
  9. Affidavit – $17.20
  10. Summons for Dispensation of Sureties – $27.20
  11. Order of Court – $55.60
  12. Administrative Bond – $105.60
  13. Request for Extraction of Grant – $42.20

Total: S$685 (approximate)


What are your Singapore Probate Lawyer Fees?

Now that you have an idea of the court filing fees for probate let’s talk about probate lawyer fees.  This is where you can shop around and choose a lawyer who can help you.  We recommend that you choose a lawyer who specialises in probate, and who charges affordable probate fees.

Some probate lawyers charge by the hour.  It is probably not necessary to hire a probate lawyer by the hour if your probate is relatively straight forward.

Most probate lawyers in Singapore will charge fixed fees from around $1,000 to several thousand dollars for straight forward matters.


best probate lawyer Singapore

At PKWA Law, our probate law department is one of the most experienced in Singapore.  Our fixed fees for a straight forward probate matter is one of the lowest in Singapore.  Because of our experience, we usually obtain Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration very quickly.


Why choose PKWA Probate Team


  • Affordable fees from $1,200 for Grant of Probate or $1,500 for Letters of Administration.
  • One of Singapore’s leading family law firms.
  • PKWA probate lawyers usually obtain Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration within 1 or 2 months.
  • Clients only need to come for 1 or 2 meetings.
  • Excellent reviews and recommendations from clients.
  • Fixed, clear and transparent probate fees.


Free Consultation

We provide a free personal consultation at our office to answer your queries.

Documents to bring for your free consultation:


For Grant of Probate

Original Will of the deceased ;
Original Death Certificate of the deceased ;
Original NRIC of the executors.


For Letters of Administration

Original death certificate of the deceased person;
Original NRIC of the administrator; and
Photocopies of NRIC and Birth Certificates of all the beneficiaries.





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