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What is a Deed of Separation

PKWA Law is ranked as one of Singapore’s Best Family Law Firms by the Straits Times.  We regularly advise our family law clients on deeds of separation.

A deed of separation is an agreement entered between a husband and wife to record their mutual decision to live separately.

This formal contract documents the commencement of the separation. It also sets out the terms and conditions which will govern the couple’s relationship during the separation, and how the divorce will be dealt with.


Our fees for Deed of Separation – $1500


Deed of Separation Agreement in Simgaore


Our fee package for a Deed of Separation applies if you and your spouse: –.

  • Agree to separate; and
  • Already agree on the terms of the Deed of Separation.


The terms in our Deed of Separation will include the following clauses (where applicable):.

  • Who will file for divorce.
  • What is the ground for divorce.
  • Who is to have custody, care and control of the children.
  • Access arrangements for the parent who does not have care and control of the child.
  • Maintenance for the child(ren).
  • Maintenance for the wife.
  • How the matrimonial property and assets are to be divided in the divorce.

     . .


Deed of Separation



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