Free Divorce Lawyer Consultation

Free divorce consultation with PKWA Divorce Lawyers

If you are considering divorce PKWA Law offers a free first consultation at our office to answer all your questions. This is a no-obligation discussion where we can listen to your problems and guide you through some of the potential next steps and considerations should you wish to proceed.

How our free divorce consultation works

During the initial consultation at our office, our team of Specialist Divorce Lawyers will:

  • Listen to your problems.
  • Explain to you the law and the divorce process.
  • Explain how long the divorce may take.
  • Inform you of the fees.

Why clients choose us

  • Solid Reputation – independent legal publications consistently rank PKWA Law as a top family law firm. You get high-quality legal service without paying expensive fees.
  • Clear and Transparent Fees – Our fees will be stated clearly. You don’t pay anything extra. You don’t have to worry about spending an unlimited amount of money on legal fees.
  • Complete Service – A complete service, including how to get ready information and documents relating to children issues, division of matrimonial assets and maintenance.
  • Proper Advice – Advice from our divorce lawyer on how to approach your case.
  • Peace of mind – This is a big life-changing decision. Choose specialist Singapore divorce lawyers at one of Singapore’s largest specialist family law firms for peace of mind. Each one of our divorce lawyers is a divorce law specialist.
  • One-Stop Service – our Property Lawyers, working together with our Divorce Lawyers, can continue to assist you in selling or transferring the matrimonial property.

What should I do next?

All you need to do is call us at +65 6854 5336 or email us for your free 1st consultation at our office with our divorce lawyers. We are conveniently located at HDB Hub.

Should you require legal representation, kindly contact PKWA Law for a free first consultation with one of our lawyers.

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