At PKWA Law, our team of family lawyers have undergone specialist training and are accredited Collaborative Family Lawyers with the Singapore Mediation Centre.  

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Team of specialist Collaborative Family Lawyers at PKWA Law

The team of family lawyers at PKWA LAW are accredited specialists in Collaborative Family Practice with the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Our family lawyers have undergone specialist training with the Singapore Mediation Centre to become Collaborative Family lawyers, trained in helping parties to settle their divorce issues amicably without going to court.


What is Collaborative Family Practice?

Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) is a fairly new dispute resolution process in Singapore.   Family Lawyers who are trained in Collaborative Family Practice try to assist couples to reach an amicable agreement on their divorce and ancillary issues without going to court, thus avoiding the acrimony and legal costs caused by the litigation process.

Collaborative Family Practice is supported by the Family Justice Courts (FJC). At the end of the CFP process, where parties reach an agreement and where the papers are in order, the Family Justice Courts will prioritise the case and issue the court order which reflects what parties have agreed.

Collaborative Family Practice is a voluntary process –  each party engages their own family lawyers who are accredited with the Singapore Mediation Centre to work towards an amicable settlement.   The family lawyers at PKWA Law are accredited Collaborative Family Practice lawyers with the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Unlike a divorce fought out in court, CFP aims to achieve a more friendly and less hostile process. The process is confidential.


How does Collaborative Family Practice work?

  • Before you file for divorce, you and your spouse must discuss whether the collaborative process is suitable for you.  If one party is not inclined to use Collaborative Family Practice, then the Collaborative Family approach is not suitable.
  • If the collaborative family process is suitable, both you and your spouse will engage a family lawyer who has been accredited by the Singapore Mediation Centre.
  • When you embark on the collaborative family practice process, both you and your spouse undertake not to go to Court.
  • Both you and your spouse must make full and frank disclosure of all information, including assets.
  • If you and your spouse reach a settlement, the agreement will be filed to become a Court Order.



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Established since 1988, PKWA Law is one of Singapore’s largest family law firms, specialising in divorce law, family law, wills and probate. We are consistently named as a leading family law firm by respected legal publications such as Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, Global Law Experts and Doyle’s Guide to Singapore Family Lawyers.  

Our team of family lawyers are accredited specialist Collaborative Family Lawyers with the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Conveniently located at HDB Hub, PKWA Family Law charges affordable fixed fees that are catered for the average Singaporean.

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