PKWA Law is constantly making great strides to keep up with the ever-evolving and changing legal landscape in the post-COVID world. Here are the following additional qualities that PKWA  divorce lawyers bring to our clients.



The New Singapore Divorce Lawyer You Will Need in 2021


With the ever-evolving legal landscape, potential divorce clients’ needs will inevitably change as well, which makes it all the more imperative to identify qualities you will need in your divorce lawyer if you are seeking to get a divorce in 2020.

Fundamentally, the lawyer you end up engaging should specialise in divorce, be diligent, connect and be honest with you, as well as have a good reputation. These are strengths that are perennial and all the more important now, given that there is an increasing number of lawyers offering divorce services. You will therefore need to be discerning with your choice, as selecting the right divorce lawyer can make all the difference in an emotionally-draining divorce.

PKWA Law is constantly making great strides to keep up with the ever-evolving and changing legal landscape.  Aside from the aforementioned traditional qualities, here are the following additional qualities that PKWA  divorce lawyers bring to our clients:


1.   Divorce lawyers who are specialists

Increasingly, a lawyer of the future will need to have deep expertise in specific practice areas.  It is not enough for lawyers to practise all types of law any more.  Clients naturally want their lawyers to have deep knowledge and skills in the area they operate in.

Legal fees are competitive, and all lawyers charge roughly the same fees.

Therefore, for divorce matters, it makes sense to use a specialist divorce lawyer such as PKWA family lawyers to give your case the best chance for success.


2.  Divorce lawyers with a good track record in the courts

You would also want a divorce lawyer who has a good track record of success in the courts.  You can ask the lawyer the cases they have done and their success rate.  At PKWA Law, we have an almost 95% rate in settling our cases to our clients’ satisfaction.


3.   Divorce lawyers who are part of a team

At PKWA Law, our divorce clients do not hire a lawyer – they hire a divorce team.

Getting a divorce is a multi-faceted and potentially tedious process. The complexity of divorce cases is increasing, especially with cross-border children, assets and mental health issues that did not feature too much previously.

One member of a team can concentrate on children issues.  Another member can be tracing assets.  Therefore, having a team to assist you, as opposed to a single lawyer, will ensure that your case and concerns are managed thoroughly and promptly.

Besides, finding divorce lawyers who work closely with their support staff is often overlooked but can make all the difference. Having capable support staff to assist your lawyers will invariably allow them to focus on the substantive aspect of your case.

It is always a good idea that you visit your divorce lawyer’s office for your free consultation. You can tell a lot about your lawyer from their law office.  Is the law office neat, orderly, efficient and well-run?  Are the staff friendly and helpful?


4.   Divorce lawyers who have good research and writing skills

As the law is not static, you have to expect changes continually, especially for divorce cases. This is where good research skills in divorce lawyers are crucial, both in seeking out the latest case law and in ensuring that there is sufficient legal justification for any position that you wish to adopt. Also, having good research skills supplements the earlier point that working with a divorce team, as opposed to a single divorce lawyer, is more beneficial. This is because a divorce team will have the depth and resources to conduct research that will best help your best.

You will need lawyers with good writing skills as well, as such skills are fundamental to writing convincing legal submissions. In this COVID-19 world, where hearings are being moved online, there may be an increasing focus on written submissions. It is therefore critical for your divorce lawyers to be able to present their written arguments succinctly and persuasively.


5.   Divorce lawyers who are skilled in mediation

Most divorcing couples will have to go through mediation at some point. The benefits of mediation are trite, especially on reducing costs and acrimony, and need no further elaboration.

In this regard, you need to have a shift in perspective of what makes a good divorce lawyer.  An aggressive lawyer may not necessarily make the best divorce lawyer in today’s pro-mediation climate.  A divorce lawyer who is calm and reasonable is probably more suitable, as mediation entails being collaborative and amicable so that a fair agreement can be reached.

Choosing lawyers who are equipped with mediation skills and who knows the art of negotiation – instead of needlessly litigating in court – will help you get the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time.

At PKWA Law, all our senior family lawyers are trained in mediation by the Singapore Mediation Centre.


6.   Divorce lawyers who can integrate the use of technology into their work

Before even COVID-19 struck, the legal industry was already being transformed by a wave of digital disruption.  Divorce lawyers who can innovate and adapt, and adopt technology will do well.

COVID-19 has thrust the use of technology into the faces of law firms, as the courts in Singapore, including the Family Court, have switched to virtual hearings.  Investment and training in technology are critical for lawyers who want to excel.

At PKWA Law, our family lawyers are equipped to seamlessly transition to working from home and to conduct video hearings.

We have invested heavily in technology, and we have an IT system that enables us to have calendar tools; internal team communication tools; and document management tools.

This ensures that there are minimal disruptions to our client’s cases, and we will continue to explore more ways to incorporate the use of technology in our work.


7.  Family lawyers with good people skills

The new divorce lawyer must have good people skills.  It is not enough to have legal knowledge (hard skills) – the new breed of divorce lawyer has to have empathy, ability to connect, thoughtful, wise, and be a leader to his/her clients.  All these people skills are especially critical in divorce law work.



Getting a divorce is a daunting process. It is therefore pertinent to choose the right divorce lawyers so that they can help you navigate this stressful period.

Family law, like other areas of law, is undergoing a tectonic shift.

The divorce lawyers at PKWA Law are well equipped to meet the challenges in the post-COVID world in 2021 and beyond.  We continue to specialise only in family law, skilled in knowledge, soft skills and technology, have excellent team support and maintain a good track record.




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