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8 reasons why clients use PKWA Law for their uncontested divorce in Singapore


In Singapore, a married couple can file for a simplified uncontested divorce if they can agree on the divorce and ancillary matters.

PKWA Law is ranked by the Straits Times as a top family law firm in the first-ever “Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2021” survey.

There are several reasons why parties engage us for their uncontested divorce.


1.   Get It Right From The Start

Most couples understand that an uncontested divorce is not as simple or straightforward as it appears to be.  The forms are not easy to understand.  If you forgot to mention certain issues relating to children, maintenance or division of assets, it would be challenging to re-open the case, not to mention the substantially higher legal fees you would have to pay.

These are just some of the important questions that the divorce lawyers from PKWA Law can help you to understand:

  • what happens to the matrimonial home?  Can I keep, sell or transfer my HBD flat?
  • what are HDB rules on the sale or retention of a HDB flat?
  • how should the matrimonials assets be divided?
  • how much maintenance is payable to the wife and the children.

A divorce order that is incorrectly or poorly drafted will also cause problems later down the road.

At PKWA Law, we will ensure that your divorce is done right from the start.


2.   Affordable Fees

At PKWA Law, our divorce fees start from just $1200 all in for an uncontested divorce.

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Divorce clients, therefore, use PKWA Law to ensure that their children and property issues are done properly, and all issues are covered.

You will need advice on how what is a fair deal for you.  At PKWA Law, we will study your case and advise you to get the best deal possible.


3.   Amount Of Money Involved

Properties in Singapore are expensive and worth a lot of money.  Most divorce clients going through a divorce would engage PKWA divorce lawyers to ensure the division of assets and properties are dealt with properly because of the amount of money involved.


4.   The value of having expert legal advice

You should engage the services of an experienced family lawyer you can trust. The lack of good legal representation may result in you receiving a smaller-than-fair share of the matrimonial assets or having unfair visitation rights to your children that will affect your long-term relationship with them.


5.   Know Your Rights

Negotiating and doing up your own financial agreement without a specialist divorce lawyer, can seem the cheapest and easiest way to a settlement.

But it can be complex, and there are many things you may fail to consider.

When you use a specialist family lawyer at PKWA Law, we will help you understand your rights and the full implications of any agreements and decisions you make.  We will also ensure that any agreement is legally binding.

Clearly, it is of utmost importance to engage a good specialist divorce lawyer. A good divorce lawyer is one who will listen to your case, provide you with sound advice, and ensure that your rights are protected before arranging for you to sign the divorce papers.


6. Never Agree to a Divorce Settlement Without A Lawyer

Since legal fees are affordable and reasonable, it makes sense to engage a specialist divorce lawyer to draft the divorce papers if you are the one initiating divorce.  If you are the party responding to a divorce, you should also get a divorce specialist to check the terms.

If you agree to a divorce without using a specialist divorce lawyer, you may end up spending even more money and time to change the divorce order when you realise that it was not in your favour.


 7.  Knowledge of the Law

Having a good divorce lawyer handle your case means that the lawyer is likely to have extensive experience in handling various types of family law matters (uncontested divorce, contested divorce, child custody matters etc.), as they manage such cases daily. This lawyer would be familiar with and highly knowledgeable about the legal documents required for a divorce and the court process.

As the law is ever-changing, it would be prudent to engage a lawyer specialising in family law to ensure that you will be advised on the law and its recent developments. A good divorce lawyer will also help identify issues that parties may not necessarily have discussed or considered, ensuring that parties are not missing anything material. This may prevent potential issues from arising after the divorce proceedings’ conclusion, saving parties time and costs in the long run.


8.   Peace of Mind

If you do the divorce yourself or use a lawyer who did not advise you properly, you may not have covered all the issues upfront.  Thus, if you omitted children issues or financial claims, or they were not drafted properly, problems will arise, and you will need to spend even more money to amend the court orders.

Divorce, whether contested or uncontested, can be emotionally draining and stressful for parties. A good divorce lawyer is one who will hear your case, provide you with sound advice and guide you through the legal process, ensuring that your rights are protected. Engaging a good divorce lawyer affords you the peace of mind that you are not being taken advantage of by your spouse, even if you have little knowledge of the relevant law.



Simply put, it is crucial to have legal representation by a good and competent lawyer in a divorce, whether contested or uncontested. PKWA Law is one of Singapore’s largest family law firms specializing in divorce law. Our team of family lawyers are accredited specialist Collaborative Family Lawyers with the Singapore Mediation Centre. At PKWA Law, we offer a free one-time consultation.  Our uncontested divorce fees start from just $1,200.

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