“I find PKWA very professional in their approach. Reception was efficient and polite. Few days ago, Jane Ng attended to us and she accorded 15 mins of her time to attend to my mother to clarify and explain again some points of mother’s Will which she made a few years ago. I wanted to pay but she firmly declined. Jane was also very patient. Kudos to PKWA!”




“Very responsive from the law firm and the process was very smooth with them.”




“During the past 6 months of this CB period, I went through lots of stress and fear for my case. Fwah Mingli listened and guided me with patience and sympathy, with help from Jessica Chow and Ms Corinne . Although they are very busy most of the time, but always responded my enquiry prompty. Today it’s finally over. I feel relief and look forward to a new life. Thank you PKWA!”

Siew Yin



“I needed to obtain a Grant of Probate to execute my late mother’s will and was at a loss of what to do. Christina Lim guided me and explained to me clearly what to do and the expected time frame of the whole procedure. She even guided me of the process after I have obtained the Grant of Probate. The most important point is that I never have to wait for her at the appointed time for the several meetings i have with her. The appointed time slot is always on the dot.”

Eddie Tan



“Very responsive and professional with their services.”

Corrine Ng



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Prior to engaging the PKWA law firm, the law firm provided free consultation. During the free consultation, they explained to me what is Grant of Probate and the processes very clearly and professionally without any rush. Answered all my queries and provided good advice too.

I than decided to engage PKWA law firm to apply for Grant of Probate. The fees quoted was clearly explained and the fees was reasonable without any hidden costs.

The law firm kept updating me with the progress with the Courts. The progress was very smooth and PKWA Family Law got my Grant of Probate from the Courts within a short time.

My appreciation and thanks to PKWA Family Law for their good advice, good value, reasonable fees and professional services.

Professional and handled every process swiftly. Updates were very prompt as well.”

Esther Tan



“Very professional. Impressed with its responsiveness with respect to knowledges and services. Sincerity to serve and guidance given were promising especially Miss Jane Ng. Not a single minute had been wasted throughout the course of Letter of Administration application. Thanks to everyone in PKWA.”

Mong See Kim



“I am pleased with the prompt and efficient services I experienced from PKWA.”

Theng Teck Cheng



“My family and I are stoked that PKWA Family Law has helped us so much in the matter where MCA is concerned, we struggled with our previous lawyer who was not only sloppy in their work but defensive. A lot of time was wasted while case was developing. When we switched to PKWA, we were wowed by the efficiency and responsiveness of all legal personnels involved in our matters. We saw light at the end of the tunnel just within a timeframe of less than 2 months. Everything was swift and precise. Thank you Charlene, Christina and Mingli for the hard work.”

Lydia Lim



“I found PKWA through the website and I was referred to Jane. Jane handled my case to prepare the Grant of letters of administration and everything is done about a month or so. Very impressive.”

Anna Hoong



“Prompt and professional service. Always on hand to answer any queries and provide the right advice. The staff is helpful and welcoming.”

Sarjit Singh



“My application for Grant of Probate was attended to by Legal Manager, Christina Lim. Christina addressed my questions and concerns professionally and with great patience. The entire process was handled smoothly and expeditiously. It was a far cry from my previous experience with an application of this nature. Well done PKWA!”

Charlotte Ng



“I was looking for a family law firm and when I searched online, PKWA was my first choice because of the reviews, easy accessible contacts and responsiveness to enquiries. Upon visiting their office I felt a warm welcome and was immediately guided accordingly. Questions are being answered directly and for a very reasonable price as well. The process was good and smooth. I will be informed promptly of any updates. Even during the crisis season, right after CB, I received my final papers just as promised before the crisis started. I am so glad that I made the right choice for my case and there is no regrets in choosing PKWA especially during this COVID pandemic. Thank you very much.”

Sheila Malig



“Jane was very clear in all her explanations and very patient. The fact that she was able to converse in Mandarin & Hokkien, helped tremendously in making my mum understand better what this procedure was about. Happy & satisfied with the overall service. Thank you.”

Victor Koh



“I met with Christina Lim to get a Probate & Will done. Everything was smooth and fast. Christina was nice and advised me on what steps to take after the Probate was settled. Thank you so much for your services.”

Kathleen Agnes Stella Paton



“Very efficient, fast and value for money. Thank you Jane”

Ronnie Ang



“I have engaged them previously for my apartment purchase. After which, I sought their advice on Letter of Admin. Very knowledgeable and professional in their guidance.

I am very happy with Jane Ng’s services rendered thus far. Looking forward to ask her for other legal services such as Will & LPA.”

Janet Ho



Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Engaged them for the letter of probate. Efficient in getting the matters done. Followed up with me when I overlooked the email. Tks Christina & Team!”

Aries Ying



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Thanks to Miss Jane Ng and Lawyer Miss Fwah Mingli.”

Chang KC
July 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

Yeo Jessie
July 2020



Positive: Professionalism”

Karen T
July 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

James Wong
July 2020



“Extremely professional, at the same time responsive and accommodating. Highly recommended.”

Kay Kiat Lim
July 2020



“Friendly, prompt to respond and efficient. Very patient with inquiry. Simplify matters for you.”

Chan KwangWei
July 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

While, it is possible to save some $ without engaging a law firm to obtain Grant of Probate/Administration letters, it is definitely well-worth to engage PKWA. Particularly, Thanks to Jane Ng for your patience & professionalism in assisting us expeditiously. Jane is upfront about the charges (no hidden costs) & guided us step by step. Obtained the Grant of Admin. letter within 1 month.”

Phoebe Chow
July 2020



““My dealings with PKWA Law Practice LLC has been most satisfying. The legal manager Ms Christina Lim is professional, patient and knowledgeable. She answered our queries promptly and clearly. Certainly value for money.””

Tang YengFatt
July 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

Melvin Lee
July 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Corrine, Jessica and all of their team members were very helpful in giving me every single detailed information and service I need. It was always fast, responsive and professional. I never imagined I would have such an easy process at first and so glad I got it from the PKWA Family Law team. Thank you!”

Fara Awlya
June 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

Alan Oh
June 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Thank you very much for all of you especially Mr Low, Ms Ing Yee and Jason Mak, for your assistance and support throughout the entire legal proceeding.

I am very appreciative of your professional advice and guidance on all the decision making. You and your team have done well in fighting for me professionally. I am very happy with the result and the legal fee paid is worth of it.”

MF Tan
14 June 2020



“Professional and trustable lawyers. Special thanks to Dorothy, Ing Yee and Christina for assisting.”

Kaiying Chung
12 June 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness”

Teoh Seng Hong
June 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness”

Elsie Seak
June 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Thank you so much for the services rendered. I truly appreciate your time, help and kind patience. Christina Low is very efficient at her practice and is a pleasant, helpful person. I shall push your firm forward to anyone seeking legal services. Again, thank you.”

Jerome Jr
2 June 2020



Positive: Responsiveness

I would like to thank lawyer Charlene for her help. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Unlike others, she is very responsive and follow through your case with details and compassion. Thank You.”

GuekNgor Lim
27 May 2020



Positive: Quality”

Shang Meng
May 2020



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Friendly and accommodating . Constant update of status. Peace of mind engaging them.”

Boieng Cheah
20 May 2020



“The professionalism and help rendered by the firm was beyond words. I had some difficulties during the period of sales of my property, due to the passing of my mother.

The team guided me and did most of the work to meet the required timeline. In fact, they completed much earlier, hence helping me avoid unnecessary ad hocs.

Definitely thankful for their hardwork and dedication. No regrets on my end. Great work PKWA Law Practice!”

Zan NA
April 2020



“I would like to thank our Lawyer, Ms Jessica Chow and Legal Manager, Ms Corinne Wee for their assistance in my parents’ divorce. Their advice to go for uncontested divorce settlement is greatly appreciated as we are also concerned on the legal fees if to proceed for contested divorce. Whole process is considered speedy and prompt updates were given too.Once again, on behalf of my mom, we would like to thank Ms Jessica Chow and Ms Corrine Wee for their valued advice and
arrangement, thanks!”

Doreen T
April 2020



“PKWA Law delivered updates and guided us through the process clearly. The team was professional and knowledgeable. It was straightforward and they managed our expectations of the case well.

Special note of thanks to Ms Jessica Chow, Ms Corinne Wee, Mr Low Jin Liang, Ms Yeow Ing Yee, Ms Helen Hui and the team for an exceptional service.

Highly recommend PKWA Law to my family and friends.”

Joyce Poon
April 2020



“Christina has been very helpful and detailed throughout the process of applying for the Letter of Administration. She kept me updated on every stage of the application.”

KS Tan
April 2020



“I chose PKWA Practice over the others for their transparency and the way they handled my situation as plainly as possible.

The 3 other legal services that I inquire was unable to provide clarity to my case, hence can’t arrive to an accurate quote.

Here are some of their agreeable points:

– Letters of Administration granted within 2 months time (p.s. was told that mine is a straightforward case).
– regular email updates.
– breakdown costs tabulated in a clear manner.
– conveniently located at Toa Payoh.
– friendly and professional staff.

In conclusion, I highly recommend them. Thanks for your help!”

Farhan Hamid
6 March 2020



“There are so many great lawyers here. Professional. Well services.”

March 2020



“PKWA has been very professional and prompt in their service, and I want to specially commend Ms Jessica Chow and Ms Corinne Wee.”

Brenda Chan
20 February 2020



“The whole process of getting grant of probate was conducted in a professional manner.”

David Lim
February 2020



“I would like to thank Ms Dorothy Tan and Ms Corinne Wee for their excellent service. They are very professional and efficient in handling my case. Highly recommended!”

Suan Kheng Chew
February 2020



“I must say that PKWA Law provided a very satisfactory service. The entire team was extremely professional and accommodating.

Everything was straightforward and done in a timely manner. Special mention to Ms. Jessica Chow, Ms. Corinne Wee and the team for an exceptional service. I will definitely recommend PKWA Law to my family and friends.”

Dianne Miranda
February 2020



“PKWA team have made my case a success. My daughter & me are finally free. Their team is very patient, understanding & ready to help me on my case including payment.

I really appreciate it so much. I will recommand to PKWA team to others family members & friends.”

Siti Nuriada Rahmat
22 January 2020



“I would like to thank Ms. Jessica Chow and Mr Jason Mak for their professional advice and services. I would definitely turn to them in future for legal advice.”

25 November 2019



“When I first walked into PKWA Law Office, I was in devastated stage. I was lost / in distress and under immerse anxiety. My messy case was assigned to an effective and efficient team comprising Mr Low Jin Liang / Miss Helen Hui / Mr Jeremiah Tan. Their invaluable advice, encouraging words, patience and understanding at each stage of the process make a remarkable difference to my case matter. Once again, I would like to thank Mr Low Jin Liang / Miss Helen / Mr Tan for walking me through this challenging and painful journey in life. I could not have done it alone. It is your good work and fine stewardship that I am able to move on my life in peace / ease. No more fear factor. No more agony. I feel grateful and very blessed to have you to handle my file matter.”

Agnes Lim
22 November 2019



“Ms Christina Lim at PKWA Law was extremely thorough and patient in explaining all the steps of our legal procedures to us. The team is also extremely efficient, professional and reliable.”

Elsie Koo
November 2019



“Excellent Service and patient. Explains processes clearly and transparently. Kept informed all the way with the progress of service.”

Donovan Goh
12 November 2019



“I have engaged PKWA services on a Grant of Probate recently. This is the second time that I have worked with PKWA on legal matters.

PKWA staff have been very professional and efficient in handling my legal matters. Special thanks to Christina Lim and Charlene Nah for their follow-up on the matter. They kept me updated regularly on the progress and settled issues expeditiously.

PWKA would be my preferred choice if I require assistance in legal matters in future. I would highly recommend their services to those who need assistance in legal matters.”

Vincent Loo
November 2019



“Very prompt response. Efficient & excellent service.”

Jay Neo
9 November 2019



“Thank you PKWA Law for helping us to get the Letters of Administration when my mother passed on without a Will. Ms. Lim was very professional, efficient and approachable. We had some questions in the process and Ms Lim was always very patient and informative in the advice she gave. The price was transparent and instructions on what should be done on our part were simple and clear. The duration of acquiring the Letters of Administration was kept to the minimum. We are really grateful to PKWA Law for their services. Thank you.”

Jia Min
8 November 2019



“My 3rd time using PKWA for various services. Absolutely positive experience. Will definitely recommend to those who require professional legal service. Kudos to Ms Lim for her patience in explaining the details.”

Kevin Chew
5 November 2019



“PKWA gave professional advice. They advised us to check properly my deceased dad’s documents to ensure nothing is missed out before submission and applying for administration. We did according to their advice and got it sorted out quickly.”

Desmond Tan
November 2019



“Great service at PKWA Law Practice. Professional and prompt service. Displays courteous and detailed service from staff. Highly recommended as one-stop convenient service in Singapore.”

Poon Teng Fatt
October 2019



“I am glad that I have made the right decision to engage PKWA in my divorce matters. They have acted fast, efficient and professional in their capacity and PKWA is transparent in the fees too. I would like to thank Miss Christina, Miss Charlene and Mr.Yong for their help in expediting the whole process.”

Henry Lee
25 October 2019



“I engaged PKWA for legal advise in my marriage. They are professional and understanding. I especially want to thank Ms Dorothy Tan, Ms Yeow Ing Yee and Ms Christina Lim for their exceptional help, flexibility and patience during the challenging time.”

YH Yeo
24 October 2019



“The service was good and prompt. Muhd Firdaus dealt with the grant of probate professionally and the fees quoted was fair and the procedure was transparent. Thank you.”

Teo Lay Heong Jennifer
24 October 2019



“Thank you very much for helping us acquire the Grant of Probate for our late cousin’s estate. We appreciate the professionalism and the clear explanation before engaging PKWA Law Practice and after obtaining the Probate. She is careful, gentle and clear in addressing our issues and of course a great help in advising us on the setting up of the estate account. PKWA is indeed a very professional, friendly and affordable law firm. Thank you.”

Steve Liow
22 October 2019



“We would like to thank Ms Christina Lim for helping us get Letters of Administration when our mum passed on without a will. She is friendly, professional and efficient at each step explaining very clearly what to do and what documents are needed. The whole process took only about five weeks.”

Margaret Wee
16 October 2019



“I engaged PKWA for my contested divorce both before and after the 3-year mark and had no regrets doing so. Their fees were transparent which made financial planning a lot easier. I would like to especially thank Ms. Charlene Nah and Mr. Jason Mak for their extraordinary help during that trying period of time. Despite the circumstances, I felt that Ms. Charlene was genuinely trying to help. I would definitely turn to them in future for legal advise.”

Louise Goh
13 October 2019



“Professionalism at affordable cost. Kudos and thank you.”

Ian Chan
October 2019



“Very affordable charges and very smooth process. The lawyers and their assistants were also very professional in their practices. The only minor thing was the need to email them to request for digital copies of the final court documents. Other that than, they were perfect.”

Anthropy Guo
October 2019



“Professional, efficient, and most accommodating. Will highly recommend to friends and family who require legal services.”

Bernice Liu
September 2019



“I’m glad to have engaged the services of PKWA Law. I have used their services twice during some difficult moments. Great professionalism and excellent service especially by Christina Lim.”

Jerome Low
September 2019



“When my late wife passed away without a will, I went to PKWA and was assigned to MS Jane Ng. She guided me on the process and stated the documents needed; the Grant of letters of Administration was given today. The various institutions responded fast except one insurance company, MS Jane had the initiative to write a reminder letter to them. She is efficient and provides excellent service.”

Pek Patrick
September 2019



“1st meeting was with Ms Jessica Chow. Decided to settle with PKWA Law after going to several law firms to check with my uncontested but complicated divorce case… PKWA Law was very assuring and confident in my case. Especially thankful to Ms Corinne for assisting me throughout my case and everything was a breeze. Case got settled within a year and got my Final Judgement promptly. Ms Corinne is very professional and friendly as well. Highly recommended!”

Yan Lim
September 2019



“Engaged Ms. Jessica Chow for my uncontested divorce and I would like to comment her assistant, Jason, for being efficient in a swift manner. Thank you both for helping me to complete this tough period, it means alot to me.”

Winnie Tan
September 2019



“My mother and I would like to thank PKWA Law Practice for the excellent service that they have provided for us through my mother’s divorce case. They were very diligent and professional about their work and listened to everything that my mother has to say. We would also like to specially thank Helen, Sheila, Mr Low Jin Liang and his team for their timely replies to our last minute emails, maximum efficiency and their genuine care and concern for us, clients.”

Mongkol Kittiratanasakul
September 2019



“My family engaged PKWA for the Grant of Letters of Administration. We are lucky to have Ms Christina Lim who is precise and always update us the status. Clear upfront fees. We are satisfied with the service rendered. Thank You.”

Yeo Peck Koon
August 2019



“This is my first time engaging PKWA Law Practice for some legal services. All I can say is that they are very professional in their legal services. I didn’t have to spend long time at their conducive offices. They are very well prepared before each of my visits. Everything are ready for me to sign and so I didn’t have to wait long at their offices. Highly recommended for their professional services.”

Peter Leong
August 2019



“Fast, efficient & reasonably priced in getting Grant of Administrator. Christina provided lots of advises, constantly updating me of the status & progress of the application. Fuss-Free & Reliable.”

Adeline SM Lim
August 2019



“I would like to express my appreciation to PKWA Law for their competent and professional handling of the grant of probate relating to my mother’s estate.The entire process was so expediently carried out and in record time with PKWA Law advising me of the steps along the way. Never had I expected to receive the probate within three weeks of application when I was informed by two other law firms that it would have to take between 4 – 6 months. Kudos to PKWA. The experience with them is excellent.”

Kok Hoong Yeow
August 2019



“Switched to PKWA for Grant of Probate and property conveyance services. Clear Upfront fees. Quick, efficient, always kept me updated on the progress. Lawyer and solicitors are helpful and engaging. I am very satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them to my friends as well.”

Ted Chen
August 2019



“I would like to thank Ms.Christina Lim of PKWA, in obtaining my Letters of Adminstration. Fast and reliable service. Their fees are most reasonable. Highly recommended.”

Clamond Tan
July 2019



“I did my dad’s Letter of Administration via PKWA Law Practice. Jane from PKWA was very patient and professional in providing good and sound advice to a layperson and out of expectation, we obtain the LOA within a short span of time – within a month. We will definitely recommend their service.”

Chin Peggy
July 2019



“I would like to thank Ms Christina Lim for her services in getting me the Grant of Probate as per a stated time frame. She is a friendly and efficient staff and always has the answers to my questions. She also advised me in details on what to do after i have obtained the Grant of Probate. Well done Christina and keep up the good work.”

Wan Fook Loh
July 2019



“My appreciation to Ms Christina Lim of PKWA in my application for Grant of Probate. She is friendly, professional and patient in answering all my queries.”

Lois Tan
July 2019



“I am very impressed by Jane’s professionalism and efficiency, her good and detailed explanation and super fast service in obtaining the Grant of Probate. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Jane. Highly recommended PKWA Law’s excellent service.”

Alice Ho
July 2019



“I went to PKWA for the selling and buying of my house previously. This time, mum passed away and we needed to apply for a letter of administration. I called PKWA and was assigned Jane. She is fantastic and super efficient. She guided on the documents to bring to see her. A.simple list. After the initial meetup (2weeks later), went to have oath taken. And 2weeks, letter of administration was ready. Super fast! I thank Jane for the excellent service and professionalism. She then advised on the next course of action of HDB area office, open an estate bank account etc. Wonderful! Thank you.”

WF Kong
June 2019



“The staff at PKWA Law Practice is professional and friendly. They promptly update me on the case status and the experience with them is excellent.”

Arthur Neo
June 2019



“I would like to express my appreciation to Jessica and Jason for their good service and efficiency. The whole process was smooth and hassle free. They were also responsive to my queries and prompt in their follow ups.

Highly recommended to engage them.”

AH Neo
June 2019



“I would like to express my special thanks to PKWA Law in assisting me to obtain the letter of probate within a short period of time.
They are very professional and efficient and always make you feel at ease by providing good advice for a good understanding. The whole process was seamless and quick without any thought of pressure. Keep up the good work!”

Jon Low
June 2019



“A legal staff member at PKWA LAW PRACTICE LLC has been a great help to me in obtaining a Grant of Probate within such a short timeline. He and his team of lawyers can have problems resolved very effectively and quickly.”

Dr Anthony C. C. Foo
June 2019



“I would like to express my appreciation to PKWA Law Practice for their efficiency and providing professional service in relation to getting the Grant Letter of Administration. It was a hassle free process and the cost was reasonable. The duration of getting hold of the Grant Letter of Administration was short too. I would highly recommend PKWA Law Practice LLC to everyone.”

Khairul Jamil
June 2019



“Thank you Jane Ng for the help. I am very pleased and satisfied with the services rendered with PKWA Law.”

Jean Gong
May 2019



“The free consultation went smooth and proceeded to engage the firm to handle my divorce. Overall, i am very satisfied with the service provided by the team (Jessica/Corrine) whom have handled my professionally.”

Winston Tan
May 2019



“Very professional law firm. My counsel Christina Lim was very responsive and conducted the whole process very professionally.”

Vincent Goh
April 2019



“I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Lim Chong Boon on behalf of the late Mr & Mrs. Chua’s family for offering service to us. And also a big thank you to the team Ms. Charlene Nah, Ms. Christina Lim, Mr. Tan Jack Long and Ms. Alice Wong for their time, professional services and effort.  The team is prompt in their response and were very patient in getting the Grant Letters of Administration and the Legal Guardianship for my nephew and niece.

The whole process was very smooth without any hiccup and hassle-free. I greatly appreciate having PKWA Law help us through the most difficult times. Thanks once again for your time and patience to handle our cases. We definitely will recommend PKWA Law firm to friends and families.

Thank you once again, Wish you all the very best and success.

Best Regards,”

Albert Lee
April 2019



“Working overseas, it was not easy to balance the time-consuming, emotionally-draining, financial stresses and uncertainties of divorce in Singapore.

PKWA Law understood my situation and did exceptionally well to communicate clearly, through email, for me to make balanced and legally-advised choices.

With divorce being a once-in-a-lifetime event, it would not have been possible for me to have done this alone without PKWA to guide me.

They listened and interpreted, filtered out things that would not be helpful for the situation, avoided traps & skillfully maneuvered the path, gave assurances and communicated next steps and gave me likely outcomes that I would have had to consider to make the best decisions.

PKWA managed to help me close at Mediation 1 without having to go further to Mediation 2 and the Litigation stages for which I am sincerely thankful.

Team consisted of Low Jin Liang with Sheila Cheng & Helen Hui who all worked in unison to help me present my case and negotiate with the plaintiff’s solicitors.”

David Chiu
April 2019



“I am very grateful to your lawyer Ms.Christina Lim in assisting me smoothly to obtain letter of Administration within a short period of time. She is very professional, empathetic and always available for feedback.”

April 2019



“I went to PKWA law practice when I was unable to withdraw my late mother’s savings from the bank.
After the first consultation, I was surprised to find out how easy it was and the process was also fast. Did not have to wait for months to be able to get it done. Thank you PKWA. Thank you Mr Firdaus.”

Jon Jambu
March 2019



“PKWA quote was the most reasonable.

Very considerate and professional. Went above and beyond what I expected any law firm to do – they carried out some legwork to locate a witness to support my case. After they have completed their part, they even advised me on the next sequence of processes that will follow and what I need to do.

Thumbs up!”

Lez Lee
March 2019



“My heartfelt thanks to Charlene Nah and Christina Lim for their professionalism in Family Law. Not only are they strong in advice, they are empathetic and are always available for my matters.

Because of their experience and confidence level, their guidance throughout the difficult months of process, I am able to rest my case to them and end my final judgement with a reasonable outcome.

Engaging the correct Family Law matters and PKWA had proven my choice.”

Serene Tan
March 2019



“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to PKWA Law for their professional services and prompt response in getting the Grant of Letters of Administration for my family. The whole process was smooth and the fees were reasonable. We will definitely approach PKWA Law for other services if need to. Highly recommended to engage them!”

Selene Shin
March 2019



“I was glad to have chosen PKWA Law to represent me in my divorce case. Mr Low Jin Liang gave me a clear overview in the initial meetup and constantly ensure that I have complete understanding at every milestone of the case. His advice is always putting my best interest first which is very important for my case. Also, special thanks given to Mr Jason Mak who has been constantly following up on my case promptly and providing insights on miscellaneous matters.”

Keline Ong
March 2019



“I’m very grateful for the prompt service from PKWA Law. I have done the Letter of Probate without any hiccup. PKWA Law has provided good advice and things were done fast and efficiently.”

Wang Lily
March 2019



“Extremely efficient, professional and genuinely helpful legal representatives.”

Xinpeng Loh
February 2019



“I would like to thank Jin Liang, your team and Helen for all your support and help in my case. I am so grateful to have you by my side. I was overwhelmed and I was lost when I suddenly became a defendant. I cannot imagine how to go through this most difficult time without your assistance, time, and effort. I greatly appreciate your help with my case. Life should move on! Thanks once again for your time and patience listening to my story and guiding me through the process. I wish you all continued success in your practice.”

February 2019



“PKWA’s Jessica and Corinne are pleasant to work with, professional and reliable. My case was smooth and successful. Thumbs up!”

Adrian Lek
February 2019



“Dorothy and team are true partners. When I first met with Dorothy, it was her empathy and professionalism that gained my trust and confidence to engage her service. Throughout the whole process, she and her team worked relentlessly to help me, explaining in detail questions that I had, and provided sound advice on what my possible options and potential outcome may be. I am very grateful for them, as they genuinely care and are there to listen; and what’s more, they are very competent, professional and approachable.”

Wendy Teo
January 2019



“Had my Letter of Administration done with PKWA Law and Jane.  The whole process was professionally conducted, very efficient, very fast and at a very affordable rate. Would highly recommend anyone who wish to engage legal services to consider them.”

YF Kng
January 2019



“It was a first for me the whole process of getting the Letter of Administration and truthfully I was not keen on the idea of going through the process myself after googling about it especially the law jargon that was thrown at me.

Was looking for a law firm who will expedite this process, affordable yet reputable at the same time. Came across PKWA Law and I have to admit, I was impressed by the services rendered.

Mr Firdaus has been nothing less than helpful, meticulous in his explanations and always a text, email or phone call away. I was gratified by his professionalism, attention to details and how he managed to keep to the time frame that was given, considering the time constraints that I had.

Overall, my experience with the firm can be summed up in one word, stupendous. I will not hesitate to engage their services if needed in the future.”

Don Cartel
December 2018



“I am impressed by the efficiency and speed of the staff in PKWA Law, in particular Ms Jane Ng. They know their work well and was able to give prompt and good advice on estate matters. Thank you.”

Kee Sian Tan
December 2018



“I had a very pleasant experience engaging Mohd Firdaus as my legal representative to apply my Grant of Probate. He is proactive and diligent in his follow up with the relevant institutions. And I managed to get my Grant successfully without any hassle in less than 2 months.

I’m truly grateful and appreciate Firdaus’ professionalism.”

Yuh Shing Tay
December 2018



“Kudos to Eileen Tan for arranging promptly without hassle documentation and procedures for my father’s probate. She is very informed and straightforward so red tape was minimal. Thank you PKWA!”

Jonathan Chew
December 2018



“I’ve engaged PKWA services twice. And I must say I am really impressed by Jessica and Corrine for their professionalisms and efficiency. They provided good advice and get things done very fast. Highly recommended!”

Shan Dy
December 2018



“Fast and reliable service provided by PKWA Law and Christina Lim. They had demonstrated high professionalism and dedication towards their clients. Definitely will recommend PKWA service to my friends/relatives requiring law services.”

Alvin Ong
December 2018



“I am grateful for the prompt service of PKWA Law and Mr Muhammad Firdaus in granting me the Letter of Administration. Everything was swift and hassle-free. The first session (which was free) was very helpful because he informed me of all the documents I need to collate before I can proceed. The legal fee is also one of the most affordable ones in Singapore. Thank you for the great service!”

Nursidah Malik
November 2018



“Dear Dorothy,

I am very blessed that I managed to have you to represent me for this matter. I deeply appreciate your prompt response, professional advice as well as understanding during this period of time.”




“Dorothy and her Team displays high professionalism throughout my divorce proceedings. Dorothy is very experienced and knowledgeable in this field and provided me with very good advice and was able to close my case swiftly, achieving the desired outcome. My utmost appreciation to them to take me through this most difficult journey.”




“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dorothy Tan who represented me during my divorce proceeding. Her calm demeanour, professional approach and honest advice engendered confidence in me throughout this painfully difficult period of my life. I always felt comfortable working with Dorothy, knowing that my best interests were being served, and am very satisfied with the final outcome of the divorce settlement. I strongly recommend Dorothy if you need an outstanding divorce legal counsel.”




“In my hour of need, I was recommended to PKWA.

Dorothy Tan LISTENED to my case, and worked tirelessly over the holidays and weekends to meet impossible deadlines.

A very upsetting and stressful time but I will be forever grateful as Dorothy believed in my case and sought a fair and just resolution against insurmountable odds.

At every juncture, Dorothy provided realistic, honest assessments and I proceeded based on her recommendations.

If Dorothy and her team decides to champion your cause, you should consider yourself very fortunate.”

Christopher Twis


Note by PKWA:   Dorothy Tan successfully represented Mr Twiss in the landmark Court of Appeal case of Twiss, Christopher James Hans v Twiss, Yvonne Prendergast [2015] SGCA 52.



“I went to PKWA law practice when I was unable to withdraw my late mother’s savings from the bank.

After the first consultation, I was surprised to find out how easy it was and the process was also fast. Did not have to wait for months to be able to get it done.

Now with the help of PKAW law practice efficient and professional lawyers, I was able to get the savings.

Thank you PKWA.”




“It was a first for me; the whole process of getting the Letter of Administration, and truthfully I was not keen on the idea of going through the process myself after googling about it especially the law jargons that were thrown at me.

Was looking for a law firm which can expedite the process and is affordable and reputable at the same time. Came across PKWA Law and I have to admit, I was impressed by the services rendered.

PKWA Law and Mr Firdaus has been nothing less than helpful, meticulous in his explanations and always a text, email or phonecall away. I was gratified by his professionalism, attention to details and how he managed to keep to the timeframe that was given, considering the time constraints that I had.

Overall, my experience with the firm can be summed up in one word, stupendous. I will not hesitate to engage their services if needed in the future.”




“I am very happy with their customer oriented service provided. It saves our time to get things done. People are friendly and helpful. We always get our answer whenever there is an issue, they really guide you through patiently. Highly recommended not just because of fixed cost.”

Benson Lim



“Had to get my mother’s will executed via a Grant of Probate. PKWA was the most reasonably priced. They conducted the process with clear procedures. I am very happy with their service.”

Ken, SooLee Chong



“We are pleased that PKWA Law and Jane handled the Grant of probate very proficiently. It was speedily done within a month. Thank you to the members of staff in the office, too.”

Helen Kwek

“Firdaus has once again outperformed and secured the Grant of Probate in an unbelievable time frame. This despite the challenges of tracing the deceased’s assets.”


“I wanted to write in to say that I am thankful and grateful for the services that you have rendered.

Divorce is such a stressful time in anyone’s life. It is never easy but with your help, I was able to get through it. Thank you so much for your efforts.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, time, and effort. I wish you continued success in your practice. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any friends or family members looking for an experienced lawyer. ”


“I had a very pleasant experience engaging PKWA Law as my legal representative to apply my Grant of Probate.  PKWA Law’s Firdaus is proactive and diligent in his follow up with the relevant institutions. And I managed to get my Grant successfully without any hassle in less than 2 months.

I’m truly grateful and appreciate PKWA LAW’S professionalism.”


“Went to PKWA to apply for the letters of administration. Thank you PKWA Law and Ms. Christina Lim for working on my case, and the constant update on the process and status.”

Fiona Zheng

“Dear Ms Chow, you are a wonderful, responsible and compassionate lawyer. We are very blessed to have you! Thank you for going the extra mile to help us. Your thoughtfulness touched our hearts and I am forever grateful to you.”


“Thank you for clear guidance throughout the process in obtaining a Grant of Probate.  Had it done less than 2 months and thumbs up to all at PKWA Law in making it a breeze in my time of bereavement.”

Kenneth Chew

“Ms Jessica Chow and Jason were very responsive to my queries and were able to give me sound advice on my matters. Overall, the process was seamless and efficient.”

Lum Kok Siong

“An experienced professional team that holds high standard of services and able to deliver critical timing advise to client. Thanks Mr Low.”

George Ng

“One stop station for your legal needs. Thumbs up for Mr.Low Jin Liang and Ms.Tan Rui Fen. Special thanks to Helen Hui as well.”

Francis Ong

“Applied for Grant of Probate. Excellent service. Prompt follow up and updates. Reasonable fees, if not one of the lowest.”

Patrick Tan

“The divorce process was stress free and professional. Fees are clearly stated and are reasonable. Will recommend them.”

Tan Delpha

“Senior Legal Executive Firdaus has been an exceptional employee.  If the quality of a firm’s employees is an indication of future success, then PKWA has a very bright future. Thanks again Firdaus.”

Al-hanan Mohamad

“Professional service. Paperwork was prompt…”

Yenny L

“Very helpful and knowledgeable, always prompt in responding and all in all very professional.”

Mel Loh

“The Probate team I was assigned to is reliable, provides excellent service and always on-the-ball. Got my letters of administration in about a month with no hiccups!

PKWA is definitely a recommended professional service firm, and I would highly engage the firm in future when the need arises.”

Syah Aw

“Good Service… always keep me updated on my Divorce case how it was going.”


“Dear Mr Lim,

This email reviewing our recent experience with your law firm is overdue owing to travel and other demands. But it nevertheless deserves to be communicated.

I found your law firm on the internet quite by accident in looking for someone to handle the probate process for my late Aunt.

Both Executors are unanimous in our assessment that PKWA Law made the whole process, simple and painless, with knowledgeable information and minimum demands on our time. No more coming down for repeated signing of affidavits, no more piecemeal requests for documentation, and most important the updates were frequent, and to the point. The probate process was completed in less than a month – quite miraculous by any standards.

The whole experience has been a breadth of fresh air. We will have no hesitation in recommending PKWA to anyone seeking help with probate matters. And If the rest of your practice is as pleasant and efficient as this experience, we would gladly consider returning for our other legal needs.

Congratulations on running a tight ship. And in particular our gratitude and appreciation to Firdaus.”

Kind regards,

“Thank you so much for your the wonderful team effort and I can proudly say that we are very satisfied with the teams great effort for the past 6 months from Jessica, Miki and of course one of the most hardworking executive that I have met, Jason.

Really grateful and thank you for all your help.”

Yours sincerely,

“Dear Rui Fen

I can’t find words to express my appreciation for you and Mr Low (and Helen too) on this journey. You have my utmost gratitude for the patience and time spent on getting this through.”


“The Probate team I was assigned to is reliable, provides excellent service and always on-the-ball. Got my letters of administration in about a month with no hiccups!

Special mention to Mr Firdaus who never fails to address my emails and calls patiently and promptly. Mr Firdaus is a great asset to the firm.

PKWA is definitely a recommended professional service firm, and I would highly engage the firm in future when the need arises. Thanks again!”


“I am pleased and impressed that you and Ms Chow managed to obtain the LA in about a month. Thank you once again, i appreciate all the work.”


“I wanted to let you know how much your help in quickly resolving my case has meant to me. Thank you for your attention to this matter and guiding me through the legal process.”

Mr S

“Dear Jin Liang, Miki and Helen

I want to thank you for all your support and help in this matter. I am so grateful to have you by my side. I was overwhelmed and I was lost when I suddenly became a defendant. I cannot imagine how to go through this most difficult time without your assistance, time, and effort. I greatly appreciate your help with my case. Life should move on!

Thanks once again for your time and patience to listening to my story and guiding me through this process. I wish you all continued success in your practice.”

All the best,

“I am very pleased with PKWA Family Law. My matter was handled very well. It was stress free & the fees were fixed, which gave me a lot of comfort.

From the first free consultation, I could see that PKWA Law has an enormous amount of experience and ethics. I first saw Mr Lim and Ms Chow They guided me and were very professional and knowledgeable. What I especially like is that they told me what I could get and could not get. When I wanted to take a certain approach, Mr Lim told me not to spend money unnecessary as he felt I won’t succeed. He was very frank and honest and it is refreshing to see that he charged a much lower fee instead of charging a higher fee to fight an impossible case.

The commitment of the lawyers and support staff to my case was outstanding.”


“Having the PKWA law family team to handle my personal and family matters really put my mind at ease. Mr Lim and his secretary, Jane, displayed the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

I will definitely recommend PKWA to anyone who needs legal assistance. Furthermore, fees were reasonable.”

M Teh

“Dear Dorothy,

Once again, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for your effort and professionalism to my case.”


“Hi Jin Liang,

I will like to thank you for the help you rendered to me. I felt very at ease with the case in your hand.

Professionally and on a personal level, I felt you have provided me great help and advice.”

Mr L

“Hi Mr. Low,

Divorce is the most difficult path in my life; it was so scary and full of uncertainties. Initially, I was very upset and lost my mind becoming so stressful but you have given me the right direction and made that journey much easier to bear.

You are such a diligent, responsive and caring lawyer; you have shown your professional works and handled my case successfully.

I just want to express my deepest thanks for everything. I am appreciative to you and your team who have finally relieved me of all those months of stress.”

Tony Tang

“Thank You Dorothy and your team for making it simple and hassle free.

Initially I thought I had to face a great deal of stress as this is the worse point in my life but my goodness! I am so thankful that I get so much help from the team.

The advice from Dorothy was precise to the point that every approach was timed and taken correctly and finally today my case came to an end amicably without much to worry about.

I will definitely recommend PKWA LAW and of course  DOROTHY TAN to people who needed help like I do.

Thank you PKWA LAW, DOROTHY and The Team!”

Zheng HJ

“It is great to engage PKWA as they handled matters professionally, are fast and reliable. Matters are communicated in simple and easy-to-understand terms minus the legal jargon.” – Probate matter.

Leng Hwa Maria Low

“PKWA Law represented me in my recent divorce, which was eventually resolved amicably and satisfactorily. Dorothy Tan and her team were a tremendous support throughout this stressful process.

I have no hesitation in recommending PKWA Law and Dorothy to anyone looking for competent, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and efficient representation!”

Bjorn Vang Jansen

“Dear Mr Low, Thank you once again with your great effort. It is not easy …. but we did it.”


“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your patience, your timely and sound advice, and that sharing of my life during this very difficult period.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. God bless you too.”

Warmest regards

“I am glad that this case has came to a closure with a judgement that is righteous.

I am greatly appreciated of your help, encouragement and guidance during this proceedings.

And, to the PKWA team, my heartfelt thanks to Jane, Mr. Lim and to you for all the support given to me.

My contentment is beyond words.

Appreciate and thank you very much.”

Yours sincerely

“Thanks for the great support by you and the PKWA team to resolve the case. It is big relief to me that it is resolved now. Looking back, I think the route/strategy that we chose was the correct one. Thank you for that.”

Best regards,

“You listened and added the “human touch” and heart.”


Card entitled : With Sincere Thanks

“Dear Mr Lim,

My sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart!

From the day one I met you, you gave me advice professionally and clearly. Along the way, you showed your professionalism with your long experience to help me to go through my difficult times. Your advice was invaluable. Till the end of case, you never stopped giving me advice to continue my life. I was fortunate to have met you. Thank you so much Mr Lim.

Dear Mr Low,

You are extremely smart and superb negotiator.
Thank you so much for your timely and tireless work. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to go through this dark tunnel. You earned my trust and respect. Thank you so much Mr Low.”

MK Thu

“Hi Dorothy,

Thank you so very much for the resolving the matters quickly. I am really glad that it’s over finally, at one point I thought things will never end.

I am really glad that I don’t have to pay for any maintenance monthly. Thanks again for tolerating many questions and dealing with some of my anxiety at times.

Thanks again and great job!”

Mr K

“Hi Mr Low,

I had collected my court order today. I would like to thank you for all your professional advise and your precious time ! With your help, my case was closed happily.

I really appreciated what you had done for me and my children. My children much happier. Wish you all the best. Thank you!”

Ms N

“I was at a loss when the first lawyer firm that handled my divorce informed me on the court day itself that they gave up after 4 months of preparation. It was a huge setback and suddenly I have doubts that I will ever get the maintenance the court awarded me.

I chanced upon PKWA LAW after I had dried my tears. They seem to know their stuff well. We met about 4 times. Mr Lim and Ms Dorothy took time to listen and assured me it can be done.

We started everything all over again. Within 3 months, I got what that was deemed impossible! Knowing that with the order I can now proceed to the next step comforts us tremendously.

Thank you! Your team made a difference in our lives.”


“Dear Mr Lim

I am very happy with the results. At least for now I can relax abit about my child and my future.

A very big thank you to you and your team for the excellent work!”

Ms L

“Hi and good morning Chong Boon,

I had wanted to drop you and Jessica an email last night.

Thank you both for your support, advice, words of wisdom, and counselling. The initial step to divorce is not easy, scary, and fraught with uncertainties, but you have both made that journey all that much easier to bear. Things could not have turned out any better. In fact, the wife called me after we left PKWA to go for a drink and we shared a good light-hearted moment – something that we had not done for a long time.

So thank you both for all that you had done; it was more than just a divorce. You helped my wife and I find resolution, peace, confidence, happiness, and even friendship. These are things that money cannot buy and the future looks so much brighter.

Thanks also for your kind words and best wishes. I wish you and Jessica all the very best too.

God Bless!”

Mr S

“Dear Mr Lim, Dorothy

I just want to drop you a line to say my heartfelt thanks for everything, and directing me in the right direction.

All of you show me that genuine great lawyers exist. Many more people out there who deserve justice ought to know you.

May God bless you!

Thank you so much.”

Ms K

“Dear Dorothy,

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long and upsetting process. I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries.

Thank you.”

Kind regards,

“Dear Mr Lim, Dorothy, Jane,

Just want to say thank you for all the support you have given me through this period. Your patience and tireless efforts is very much appreciated.

Mr Lim, I’m grateful to have met you at PKWA. All the faith and trust placed in you and your team has certainly not let me down. Your words of encouragement at critical points were all that I needed. The storm has finally passed.

Dorothy, a big thank you for all the support, guidance and recommendations you have given me. Your judgements and ability to steer the various proceedings were absolutely critical. I was able to give you my full trust. You have certainly made a lasting impact, one which I will not forget. Thank you.

Jane, thank you for always being there too. It’s very nice to see you every time I visit the office, knowing you’re also there to support me if I ever needed anything.

I’m very glad to have met you all. Wish you all the very best, and may you continue to help others.”


Card entitled : Thanks and a Note of appreciation

“Hi Jin Liang

Thumbs up on your professionalism & client-oriented service. Your positive attitude is awesome. Explanation on the PPO process & work resulting in the estimated quote given is clear. The brief advice is helpful too.

Met other staff at PKWA, polite and helpful. Will definitely come back to PKWA for other legal matters in the future.”

Best Regards,

“Dear Mr Lim

I cannot thank you enough for bringing this case to an expeditious conclusion. I was most struck by your deep empathy and genuine sincerity you showed while at the same time ensuring high standards of professionalism. I am amazed that although you must handle many such cases each day, you still manage to give it a personal touch and that had meant a lot to me. I deeply value the advice you gave me as well as the words of encouragement to keep me going.

Once again, thank you for all your help and even as I move on, I will forever be grateful to you for the difference you have made in my life.”

Madam SP

“Dear Mr Lim,

My English is not very good, hence I am writing a letter to you in Chinese. I am extremely grateful to you and your lawyers Mr Tan, Jessica Chow for your help.

Thank you for all your efforts to help my children and me get justice and the outcome we deserve. It is also very rare to meet such a good lawyer. They are all good lawyers that are hard to find. If not for all your help, my children and I would not know what to do.  Especially lawyers like yourself who put it so much effort to help my children and I obtain a PPO and the divorce.

My children, family members and I sincerely thank you for your help. This journey has not been easy.

Wishing you and your employees a Happy Chinese New Year, and that all things will go in your favour.”

Yours faithfully,
Madam G

“I have recently received the judgment from the Family Courts for my divorce case. Finally!! From a seemingly hopeless scenario when I first turned up at PKWA Law, it is a ruling that is truly way, way beyond what I could expect, or even dared dream!

I can truly & positively testify that PKWA Law is certainly one of the best, if not the best, legal firms here and will not hesitate to highly recommend it to anybody in need.

Once again, thank you for the great job done by your team in PKWA Law. I truly am one very, very happy and satisfied client.”

Best Wishes,
Mr Teh

“I would also like to give a special thanks to Mr Lim Chong Boon for all his professional guidance and advice with regard to this case.

Indeed thank you all once again for the team support that you have given me to give a good outcome.

You are a great team. Keep it up!”

Madam C

“We always have faith that we will be well taken care of since the day we entrusted our case to you. And it has proven that we made the right decision.

Thank you very much for the hard work from you and your team.”

Mrs Lim

“Thank you for the excellent work.”

Mr Png

“And thank you, Mr Lim, for steering it all as smoothly as I could have hoped. Much appreciated.”


“Dear Mr Lim,

I am very pleased with the end result and am also impressed at the length of time taken to reach its end. I expected it to be longer, but it turned out to be the contrary.”

Mr G

“And my compliments for your staff who have been most thoughtful, caring and professional.

Once again, thank you all.”

Mr Eng

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