PKWA Law Family Lawyer Jessica Chow comments in the Straits Times article titled “Circuit breaker love and heartbreak: Divorces, fights, heightened tensions”




PKWA Law Specialist Divorce Lawyer Jessica Chow comments in the Sunday Times article titled “Circuit breaker love and heartbreak: Divorces, fights, heightened tensions”


SINGAPORE – Being in confined close quarters has led some couples to form tighter bonds, while others are forced to deal with unresolved disputes and domestic violence.  The Straits Times examines the impact of COVID-19 circuit breaker measures on married couples.

Below is an excerpt from the article which features comments from PKWA Law’s Jessica Chow:

It was the best of times for tight-knit families, but the worst for those with fragmenting relationships living under the same roof.

Strict stay-home rules, elevated stress levels and the financial fall-out from Covid-19 turned many homes with duelling spouses into a war zone. Heated arguments would erupt at every mealtime, or each time combatants stepped into the living room.

The 10 lawyers and counsellors interviewed by The Sunday Times say they know of many instances of domestic disputes escalating during the circuit breaker period, with proximity heightening tensions at home.

This is especially so for divorcing couples who have moved on, but have to continue living with their soon-to-be former spouses, or for divorced couples locking horns over access to their children.

Ms Jessica Chow, a specialist divorce lawyer from PKWA Law Practice, says some decide to call it quits after their spouse finds fault with them so incessantly that they are unable to focus on their work, uses abusive language on them in front of the entire family, or confronts the person they are suspected of having an affair with.

“In China, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of divorces filed after the lockdown there was lifted,” she notes. “We can only hope that couples take this time during the circuit breaker to cherish each other and be considerate and kind.”


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Source:  Straits Times
Article Date: 7 June 2020
Author: Benson Ang



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