If you are thinking of a divorce, there are two routes to take.  You can either have an Uncontested Divorce or a Contested Divorce.


Learn about your cheapest uncontested divorce options


If you are thinking of a divorce, there are two routes to take.  You can either have an Uncontested Divorce or a Contested Divorce.

Uncontested divorces are much quicker and cheaper than contested divorces.  You can go for an uncontested divorce if you and your spouse are on speaking terms and willing to cooperate with each other.   It is important for both spouses to be fair and respectful to each other.  There must be a spirit of compromise and give and take.

The family lawyers at PKWA  LAW can assist you in determining whether your case would be classified as uncontested, and how to achieve an Uncontested Divorce.

Our team of highly regarded Singapore divorce lawyers are ready to represent you during this process, protect your interests, and ensure that the process is smooth, quick and stress free.


Our Uncontested Divorce Fees are one of the most affordable divorce fees in Singapore:


$1,200 (No Ancillaries Court Order)

$1,900 (With Ancillaries Court Order)

$2,900 (With Negotiation)


Is an Uncontested Divorce suitable for you?

PKWA Law’s Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fee Package is for couples who have already agreed on:

  • Who is the party filing for divorce (Tip – if parties have agreed on everything, there is no difference who files fhe divorce).
  • The reason for divorce (Tip – there is no need to write long, lengthy reasons for the divorce; a short simple one will do).
  • How are matrimonial assets to be divided (Tip – in short marriages, the fairest division is each party to keep his/her own assets).
  • Who will the children live with, and what access the other parent has (Tip – both parents should continue to play an active and important role in the upbringing of the children).
  • Maintenance for wife and children (Tip – this should be fair and reasonable).

We will advise you on all of the above so that your uncontested divorce goes smoothly.   If there is a HDB flat, we will advise you whether you can retain or sell it.


.Reasons why an Uncontested Divorce is better than a Contested Divorce:

  • Amicable – The divorce is friendly and amicable.
  • Quick – you can get Interim Judgment within 1 month, and Final Judgment within 3 months.  Compare this to a contested divorce where the case may take up to 1 year.
  • Affordable, cheap legal fees – your legal fees are much cheaper than a contested divorce.  Our uncontested divorce fees are less than $2,500, compared to tens of thousands for a contested divorce.
  • Easier on children – the children are spared the agony and the conflict of both parents fighting over custody.  The children will not be interviewed.   In comparison, the children may be interviewed by social workers in a contested divorce.



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