All hearings – except for urgent and essential cases – will be further adjourned until 8 June 2020


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Date:  24 April 2020

Earlier, we had written an article about the impact of the Circuit Breaker measures on cases that are in the Singapore courts.

Now, with the announcement on 21 April about the extension of the Circuit Breaker measures for another month, this article provides a further update.

The courts in Singapore will continue to hear only essential and urgent matters until 1 June 2020.  This is due to the extension of the one month circuit breaker to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Hearings for all other matters – which have already been put on hold since 7 April 2020 – will be adjourned.  For family law matters, the courts will inform parties by 29 April 2020 if their matters scheduled from 5 May to 8 May 2020 are to be adjourned. For matters scheduled from 11 May to 1 June 2020, parties will be informed no later than 5 working days in advance if their matters are to be adjourned.

All the courts in Singapore – the Supreme Court, the State Court and the Family Justice Courts –  will forgo their usual mid-year court vacation in June to deal with matters that have piled up during the period.  This means that there will be court hearings in June without the usual court vacation.

The courts aim to resume hearings for most matters on June 8, barring further extensions.

If you are a client of PKWA Law, our lawyers will contact you directly to inform you of the new hearing dates and other updates.



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