The best divorce lawyers are those who are calm, who encourage settlements, not arguments.

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Who are the best divorce lawyers in Singapore? What are some of the qualities of the really good divorce lawyers in Singapore?

There are 5 qualities that are common in the top divorce lawyers in Singapore.



Qualification, Competence and Experience

Naturally, the best divorce lawyers are qualified, competent and experienced.  The best divorce lawyers are those that specialise in family law.  It is difficult to be really good unless the lawyer specialises in a special area of the law.

The best divorce lawyers will usually have reviews and testimonials about the work they do.  Sometimes, the cases they do will be reported.    Most lawyers will provide testimonials from their clients and they are extremely useful in helping you to determine whether your lawyer is good.



You have to understand that if your divorce lawyer is good, he/she will have many clients.  The fact that your divorce lawyer has many clients and cases is usually a good sign – it means many people have heard of your lawyer and trust him/her.   This also means that you should not expect your lawyer to respond to your emails and phone calls immediately.  On the other hand, you do want your lawyer to respond within a reasonable time.  If he/she does not respond to you at all, or frequently takes days and weeks to respond to you, it is time to change your lawyer, no matter how good your lawyer is.


Composure and Calm

Family Court judges in Singapore do not like belligerent family lawyers who quarrel over every small issue and create conflict at every turn. Belligerent divorce lawyers can further drag out a case, costing you time, a broken health and leaving you with a huge legal bill. A good family lawyer will know what issues require a fight, and which do not, making the case go smoother.

An aggressive divorce lawyer will soon be out of your life once the divorce ends. But he will leave you saddled with a huge legal bill, and worse, a really bad relationship with your ex-spouse. Your divorce may have ended, but you will still need to deal with your ex-spouse on children issues and maintenance.

Did you know that about 80 to 90 percent of all divorces in Singapore are settled amicably, without going for a trial? This saves the couple time, money and the emotional upheavals associated with a long drawn divorce case. But if you have a divorce lawyer who is unreasonable and fights tooth and nail over even small issues, then you will have to pay more in legal fees for the litigation.

The best divorce lawyers are those who are calm, who encourage settlements, not arguments. He or she will give you honest advice and try to resolve the divorce amicably, instead of slugging it out in court. It is completely true to say that you should get a divorce lawyer who is committed to settling your divorce in as respectful and peaceful manner as possible.



The best divorce lawyers in Singapore are not only great in court craft, legal skills and knowledge.  They also have a strong sense of empathy towards their clients and their situation.  The really good divorce lawyers  are sensitive and know how to be frank about their clients’ case without appearing to be abrupt or unkind.

As a divorce is one of the most traumatic and painful experiences in life, you really should get a lawyer who is understanding, patient and kind.   I can never understand why a divorce client would want to pay money to an unkind and unsympathetic lawyer.



Naturally, the best divorce lawyers should also be affordable.   You would want your family lawyer to be not only good, but also be affordable and within your budget.

There is little point in hiring the best lawyer, only to find that you cannot not afford him half way after your budget has run out.  Look for good divorce lawyers who offer fixed fees, so that you know exactly how much you will spend.



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