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PKWA Law did a live radio interview with Money FM on 18 November 2020.  Senior Associate Director Low Jin Liang discussed the legal issues surrounding Bankruptcy.

Here is the podcast:


The discussions included:

– What does it mean to be a bankrupt in Singapore?

– How many people are bankrupted each year in Singapore?

– When does one make the call to be a bankrupt in Singapore?

– Who does bankruptcy protect?

– Can anyone file for bankruptcy in Singapore?

– What is the process for bankruptcy?

– What documents should one prepare?

– What are the costs involved?

– What are the consequences of becoming a bankrupt?

– Bankrupt’s conduct, can the rules be relaxed according to their conduct?

–  Will creditors be paid back in full?

– What temporary amendments to bankruptcy & insolvency laws were done due to Covid-19?

– What is the rationale behind these temporary amendments?

– What alternatives can one look out for to avoid bankruptcy ?

– Bankruptcy in businesses, how is it different from filing a personal bankruptcy?

-Getting out of bankruptcy – what are the four ways of getting out of bankruptcy?



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